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  1. Hi Mr Groove Glad I was of help. Don't worry about causing me any problems, you really helped. Out of interest I tried to add the screen image via your instructions but I don't get the "Add attachment" on my reply box. Perhaps I need to adjust my settings or something. I copied the screen pic into Word & tried to add it as an image but obviously it was the wrong format & came up as an invalid file! Never mind. I don't suppose I will need to be adding any images, anyway I am sure it would work if I had a jpg. etc Many Thanks again for your time Regards Ann
  2. You guessed right Mr Groove I had used the Services method as in No1 in your list. Now, by using No.3 in your list I have got rid of the error message ie Application failed. It maybe of interest to you to know that during the process my screen varied from yours (I have tried to print screen but it wouldn't copy in here, sorry). I will try to explain as best I can! When I clicked the start button & typed in MSCONFIG I didn't get "Security" under Help & support as in your diagram (Right hand side). ALSO Left hand side of screen in the box at the bottom is Search Everywhere Search the Internet Top of this box is Programs MSCONFIG I had to click on MSCONFIG to get the System Configuration Thank you for your help, Regards Ann
  3. What a GREAT site. I am not very technical but managed ok with XP but Vista is a nightmare so this site is just what I need Thank you for the instructions on how to disable Defender, they worked just fine. The only trouble is every time I switch on i now get an error message Windows defender:Application failed to initialize 0x800106ba.etc Is there a way of stopping this message appearing? Many thanks, Ann