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    Uninstalling Windows Defender

    Mr Groovy Yes, I've disabled UAC before - but then I thought about it. Yes, it is incredibly annoying - but it is Microsoft's best answer to their extremely vulnerable operating systems. I realise that 99.9% of people will simply click Continue if asked to - without necessarily wondering why they've been asked to do so - but I hope I'm not one of them. I'm searching for a way to have UAC - but under my control. I want to say "This programme is good and I trust it, so I want it to be able to work." One of the affected programmes is MailWasher - which I use to control my spam. The nice folk at MailWasher have spent a long time looking into just this problem and have promised me a new release which will get over this problem soon. But why do they have to do that? Why can't I - with my Administrator password - determine what is good and what is bad for me?
  2. shuffle

    Uninstalling Windows Defender

    Mr Groove Many apologies - it is actually User Access Control which is preventing my programmes from running - not Windows Defender. This is another area of real angst though - Microsoft no-Help tells me how to get such programmes running, but then says I have to do this each time Windows starts. Yes, I know - but WHY????? Why can't I say to MY computer which programmes it should run? I've tried telling the programmes to run as Administrator, etc etc etc... Thanks for all your advice anyway.
  3. I realise this is an old question - but how do I uninstall or disable Windows Defender in Windows Vista Business? I have tried following all the suggestions from Mr Groovy - but even with it removed from MSCONFIG and with the service disabled (and given a specific username with incorrect password to log on with) it starts up every time. My main problem (apart from hating the control freakery of Microsoft) is that it won't allow 2 of my start-up programmes to run. There is no option to tell it that I actually like those programmes!