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  1. What is the best solution to syncing two computers and assuring no data lost and can you always sync in one direction?
  2. Simon HWill hiding the update keep it from interfering with other updates later? This update was causing all 23 updates to fail. I was able to get 22 of them to install when I applied them individually as was suggested by your earlier post. I have no problem hiding this one if that will keep it from causing a problem with future updates.Please advise and thank you for your help.
  3. OK, I was able to update each of the 23 updates individually all but this one: Update for Kernel-Mode Driver Framework version 1.11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2685811) This is the one that was preventing all of the other updates from installing.Any ideas on what to do about this one?
  4. Keep getting a message "Failure Configuring Windows Update" Reverting Changes then shuts down, after several attempts I finally get signed on.
  5. Thanks for the help, we ended up loading XPMode and Microsoft virtual something that you need to load to be able to toggle from your XP desktop to your Windows 7 desktop. This software will not work for Windows Home (evidently), turns out the computer we needed to get the 32bit very old program to work on had the Professional version of Windows 7. The XPMode and Microsoft Virtual programs were free downloads.
  6. Have some old software that is 32bit need to get it to run on our 64bit Windows 7 home version computer, we get an error message regarding the 64bit issue when install
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