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  1. Question from Reader:

    I need help connecting to the internet. I can get connected if I plug Ethernet cord straight into the computer, but if I plug Ethernet cord into router my computer can see router, but can't connect to internet. My service provider can't get to me until Jan.11th. I will lose it before then. Can you please help me?


    1 - Did this ever work? If yes, what changed?2 - When you say Router, do you mean Wireless Router? Are you trying to connect through the Router using Wireless?3 - If wireless, I assume you can connect wirelessly to your router but then no internet right?

    Sorry - I need more information (as do all of us trying to help you) before we can help you.



  2. You have a few options.

    What I would do is use an app like IMGBURN and convert the DVD into an ISO file. Then copy the file to your sons computer using a thumbdrive or a HomeGroup share. From there he can install Magic Disk, Mount the ISO as a virtual CD and install the app. no problems.

    If you search groovypost (www.groovypost.com) they should have an article there that talks about turning a DVD into an ISO file and installing a virtual CD ROM. I think VirtualDrive is still free.

    Another option would be to just share the DVD drive using basic sharing then have your son connect to it and install it from there -- running setup.exe

    Hope that helps...... A bit techy I know but I bet you can figure it out!

  3. Seeing that you posted this tells me you find a PC with network access so that's cool. Here's a few ideas.

    On the University network, disable and re-enable your network adapter. After that, try to goto a command window and use the command -- ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew

    That should release the IP from the school and get a new one.

    With the new IP address, try to get to the internet. Still not working? Then go back to the command window and type:

    ipconfig /all

    This will list for you the IP address you were assigned and the DNS and Gateway. Try to PING your gateway. Does it work? Try to ping your DNS servers.

    If you can ping everything then it's probably the IT guys at the school who are blocking you at the gateway. Will need to wait for them....

  4. I already have a list of invoice numbers and wish to auto increment the number from where I stopped. I do not want an auto number. I read in Microsoft Access for Dummies 2010 in a tip "if you want to get fancy, create a macro that automatically fills in the next invoice number in sequence", but that is all the information I can find. Can you help?ThanksBarbara


    Sorry - been a computer guy for 10 years.... never used Access.

  5. When he sends new emails, do they go into his sent items? Sounds like the user deleted the sent items.

    It is possible to recover deleted emails from a PST folder. YOu need to corrupt it then recover it. Here - Read this article: http://www.groovypost.com/forum/microsoft-office/how-to-corupt-an-outlook-pst-file-to-recover-delete-email-t95682.html

    It's not simple so you should do it for your customer.

  6. That is very odd. Are you trying to copy them to a CD only so you can make a copy of them and not lose them or did you want to copy them so you can watch them?

    Obviously you cannot watch an AVI video on a CD you would need a DVD. Not a good point if that is not your plan.

    I'm puzzled personally and I'm going to guess the problem is with Nero. The best thing I would advise is to just forget about Nero and go download ImgBurn from http://www.imgburn.com/.

    Imgburn is a FREE and safe application that makes burning things to CD or dvd simple. Just go grab that and I'll bet your problem will be solved!

  7. Negative. Adobe won't show any love for the ipad. Here's something they wrote up on it (I searched the main site for it).


    There is an option however. Brian posted about running the OnLive Desktop on the iPad to get Adobe Flash and a full Windows Client for that matter.


    It's 100% free and it works. Just tested it.

    Hope this helps.

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