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    MS Virtual Server files to Hyper-v

    Thanks for your reply. I followed your instructions but every step of the way involving Hyper-V I was getting error after error. At one point I simply tried to establish a new VM with almost nothing attached, and still got errors, and I could not even delete it once it was created. I finally began to think along the lines that something was fundamentally wrong, maybe the Hyper-V was corrupted somehow or the install not finished properly, or whatever. So I started fresh. New drive, new OS from an image, - same results. I began to have serious doubts about the viability of Hyper-V. I placed the problem on the virtualserver newsgroup and a reply from a Microsoft MVP indicated he had similar problems with Microsoft's antivirus program. Then it struck me. My server images all contain a copy of TrendMicro OfficeScan, ver 8.0. I stopped the AV program, and all my problems immediately went away. I have searched for an answer for over 2 weeks and never did I come across any reference to AV products causing this much difficulty. So, I have really learned something from this exercise. Hopefully, others will read this posting, and maybe save themselves a whole bunch of time and frustration. Thanks again, for your post. Brian
  2. Briano

    MS Virtual Server files to Hyper-v

    I tried to pre-condition the file I am trying to move by deleting the Virtual Server additions. The file I am using had 2 network adapters and using 'Network not connected" options I was getting 'failed to add device - Microsoft Synthetic Ethernet Port' So I choose the two virtual network adapters I had set up. Now I am getting errors 'failed to power on with error - the specified network resource is no longer available'. As I said previously, I would sure appreciate any help I can get. Thanks Brian
  3. I have read and re-read the GroovyPost concerning migrating VS 2005 R2 VMs to Hyper-v. Unfortunately I seem to have lots of problems. I have been successful a couple of times but in general I can't get it to work. Also new machines will set up OK. This is a full enterprise version of Server 2008. KB949219 is installed. Also the new refresh of the beta Hyper-v just released this week (May 19/08) In general, the error is described below. I have made no attempt to pre-condition the VHD files while they are operating in the VS 2005 environment. They are production files and I don't want more problems. So I have simply copied them to the new server and I am attempting to get them to operate. Error is: The server encountered an error while configuring memory on (Virtual Server name). Wizard failed in rolling back the created virtual machine. Please delete it manually afterwards. Failed to add device "Microsoft Synthetic Ethernet Port". The VM actually gets created but it won't boot and fails to start with a Boot failure error. Hopefull someone has an idea what the problem might be. I would sure appreciate it. Thanks, Brian