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  1. Thanks for your reply. I followed your instructions but every step of the way involving Hyper-V I was getting error after error. At one point I simply tried to establish a new VM with almost nothing attached, and still got errors, and I could not even delete it once it was created. I finally began to think along the lines that something was fundamentally wrong, maybe the Hyper-V was corrupted somehow or the install not finished properly, or whatever. So I started fresh. New drive, new OS from an image, - same results. I began to have serious doubts about the viability of Hyper-V.
  2. I tried to pre-condition the file I am trying to move by deleting the Virtual Server additions. The file I am using had 2 network adapters and using 'Network not connected" options I was getting 'failed to add device - Microsoft Synthetic Ethernet Port' So I choose the two virtual network adapters I had set up. Now I am getting errors 'failed to power on with error - the specified network resource is no longer available'. As I said previously, I would sure appreciate any help I can get. Thanks Brian
  3. I have read and re-read the GroovyPost concerning migrating VS 2005 R2 VMs to Hyper-v. Unfortunately I seem to have lots of problems. I have been successful a couple of times but in general I can't get it to work. Also new machines will set up OK. This is a full enterprise version of Server 2008. KB949219 is installed. Also the new refresh of the beta Hyper-v just released this week (May 19/08) In general, the error is described below. I have made no attempt to pre-condition the VHD files while they are operating in the VS 2005 environment. They are production files and I don't wa
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