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  1. Wow, these are all great suggestions. It looks like the Snipit tool is pretty much the same concept as pasting the Printscreen into Microsoft Paint. The easiest method seems to be the Printscreen method. Thanks everyone. I will also keep PicPic in mind. I love groovypost!!!
  2. I am setting up a website on Intuit and they don't have the font I want to use, but I have the font in Microsoft Word. I want to type the text (only a few words) in the Word Document in the font I want then I want to be able to copy and paste it into my website. As it is now, I can copy and paste it into my website, BUT it doesn't show up in the same font. Intuit apologizes for their lack of font choices, but they will not remedy this any time soon. I want a 'quick fix' if possible. I don't want to have to purchase software to do it, when I may only use it this once. I have tried downloading a free software called 'Gimp' (as was suggested on Intuit) but I still was not able to accomplish this seemingly simple task. Can someone help?
  3. I like how you can set up Outlook to notify you as soon as the email you senthas been opened by the recipient. Can gmail be set up that way?
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