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  1. whatever was going on is now resolved, for the moment. thank all of you for your responses. i will get the programs you recommended and i already tried very cool site. thanks.
  2. I spoke too soon. I got onto a website, started entering a form, hit 'submit' and got a 404 message. I closed the browser tab and tried again with a fresh page. Got the 404 message again. I don't have any idea what's going on. I was just on the website this morning, got kicked off because I timed out, and then re-entered the website.
  3. I get to other sites. AOL, google mail, NBCNews, etc. Yahoo was my home page until I started getting the message. I've changed to NBCNews and haven't had problems except with
  4. When I try to go to, I get a page that says, "No site configured for this address." It doesn't matter how I try to get to Yahoo I always get the same message. I am running Win7 Home Premium. I haven't added any programs. I ran a full Zone Alarm scan and got no infection reports. Any suggestions on how to find the problem and resolve it?