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  1. The last time I was able to download a Facebook Archive was early January. Every time afterwards, I either can't get it to even state it is pending. But, if it does go pending then, I get an email hours later telling me it failed. I am trying an alternative called SocialSafe which I really like - BUT - it cannot retrieve all of my data. As a test, I selected my birthday 2011 to search for the known entries. They are still on Facebook, but SocialSafe cannot get at ALL of them. The people at SocialSafe say it's a glitch on Facebook's end where they allow third party apps to retrieve information. By the way, SocialSafe support is very good. As I said, I really like the app and how it presents the data. It's not just screen scraping. You can search several different ways - comments, likes, photos, captions, and more. But, since it cannot capture all of my history, it's not totally useful. Probably OK from here forward, though, as long as I continue with daily syncs. I did try a Mozilla add-on which I thought was not useful at all. That was a screen scraper and you had to navigate through just as you would on Facebook. Like I said, SocialSafe is really cool. Is there anything else out there like SocialSafe that is able to retrieve all of my data? I've looked and cannot find anything. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hopefully you can come up with something.
  2. I gave it a test drive and it's not any different than what the ticker does. It's just as clunky and is not searchable. Thanks anyway.
  3. Thanks for your response. I didn't notice anything about searching, but I'm going to give it a test drive. Thanks again
  4. I know most people find the Facebook ticker aggravating, but I like it because I see some 'likes' etc that I cannot find on that person's page. Don't know why. Sometimes I notice something whizzing by and it looks interesting, but can't find it again. And, it takes SOOOOOOOOOO long to scroll through the ticker. My question is, how can you search the ticker? Thanks
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