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  1. Steve's post in windows smartscreen in taskmanager was always running was marked as the answer   
    OK got it. Makes sense. Smartscreen isn't something I ever enable on IE/Edge etc... But if you nuke it, shouldn't hurt anything I can think of. 
  2. Steve's post in How to Change the Size of Windows 10 Desktop Icons was marked as the answer   
    How to Change Size of Desktop Icons:
    Right-Click the Windows Desktop Hover over View > and select from Small, Medium or Large Icons That should do it for ya.
  3. Steve's post in Mail merge Outlook 2010 was marked as the answer   
    Here's an article with the latest version of Office - https://www.groovypost.com/howto/microsoft-word-mac-mail-merge/
  4. Steve's post in I know this can be donme but forgot how to do it. was marked as the answer   
    Hi Ron,
    You can do that but you can also just hit F7 and it will spell check the email for you. Good enough?
  5. Steve's post in Splitting PST file - Outlook 2007 was marked as the answer   
    Best option CJ is to just create multiple PST files and then move over your email into the new PST files. Once that is done, Right Click the PST folder in Outlook and click Compress it to reduce its size after the email is pulled out.
  6. Steve's post in Comments was marked as the answer   
    Hi @Ron S
    Just a quick FYI - we have been playing with comments on the main site. Comments are enabled and if you still have issues, let me know.
  7. Steve's post in Keyboard Shortcut for Outlook 2016 Move to Other - Focused Inbox was marked as the answer   
    Negative. Still not possible on Windows. Microsoft Outlook for Mac includes a keyboard shortcut but not the Windows Version of Microsoft Outlook.
    For now, the best option is "Right-Click + L or V" as mentioned in the first post.
  8. Steve's post in Cant find Saved Excel File in Outlook Temp Folder was marked as the answer   
    Question from Reader - Email Form
    Hi Tom,
    Ouch. I know how it feels losing a days worth of work. The worst part is when you have to recreate what you've already done.
    To answer your question, when you found the Entry "OutlookSecureTempFolder" what was the path in the DATA column? I assume you reviewed this post here to find it. It looks like you found the registry key entry so your more than 1/2 way there. Find that key again and you should have the path to your OLK folder and your Excel should be sitting there.
    Now the path might be a bit confusing because with Outlook 2007, there actually is "NOT" an OLK folder. For instance, on my XP/Outlook 2007 install, my OLK folder or "Temp Outlook Folder" / "OutlookSecureTempFolder" is:
    c:\Documents and Settings\mrgroove\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\4V32TZLP  
    So if you look on your box you will find what your looking for in the "Content.Outlook" folder. Take a look there and your golden.
    More reading can be found here also on the Outlook OLK folder location:
  9. Steve's post in Office 365 Home was marked as the answer   
    No, you shouldn't be getting CERT issues. You should first check with your email admin. And then, I would remove the mailbox from outlook and re-add it again. See if that fixes it.
  10. Steve's post in Can't enter Bios on MSI motherboard was marked as the answer   
    So.... that's not good @tlpmap
    First, I would start by unplugging everything from the computer except the monitor and keyboard. See if that helps. If not, goto the MSI website and download the latest Motherboard FIRMWARE and flash the board. If you're already running the latest bios, I would still flash it to see if that clears up the issue for you. Something is obviously wrong. 
    Here's a link to the BIOS - https://us.msi.com/Motherboard/support/990FXA-GD80.html#down-bios
  11. Steve's post in Asus Notebook - Changing the maximum charge limit was marked as the answer   
    Hi @AndreiT,
    I don't have an ASUS laptop however, on my Lenovo, using it's power savings software, you're able to put the battery into a mode which extends its life. When it does this, the battery will only charge up to 70-80% capacity. Many say this is a good thing as it prevents problems if your lithium battery remains at 100% indefinitely. 
    So, my suggestion is to take a look at the ASUS power savings settings. You likely enabled a "Battery Saver" feature or something similar to this. Turn that off and it should charge to 100% again.
  12. Steve's post in Computer Won't Stay Asleep was marked as the answer   
    My thought is there must be an app which is waking up the PC. Have you flashed everything with new BIOS and Firmware on the MB?
  13. Steve's post in Can Windows Subsystem for Linux speed up Windows 10? (Reader Question) was marked as the answer   
    Hi Michael,   You know the saying.... if it sounds too good to be true...   Adding a USB drive to your computer is not going to speed up Windows. It's also not going to protect you if your primary hard drive fails. Sounds like a gimmick and a scam.    There is no magic when it comes to speeding up your computer. The best way to increase the performance of your computer is to replace the main drive of your PC or laptop with an NVMe SSD or Legacy SSD drive (if your computer doesn't support NVMe M.2).    https://www.groovypost.com/reviews/what-is-nvme-m2-ssd-drive-how-fast-is-it/ - What is NVME? https://www.groovypost.com/howto/upgrade-laptop-install-ssd/ - Install legacy SSD drive. Granted, if your laptop or PC was purchased within the past 3-5 years, it probably already has an SSD drive (or NVMe drive if it's 1-2 years old). 
    Another way to speed up your computer is to backup all your apps and data and re-install Windows. This is a fairly drastic step which I personally don't do on my main system. It is an option however.
    Hope that helps.
  14. Steve's post in MSIServer Not Running was marked as the answer   
    Really depends which services you disabled/stopped. Most of the items I normally turn off are 3rd party tools and software packages which have no business running in the first place at startup. If I want them to run, I'll launch them.
    Take a screenshot of your services from Task Manager > Startup so we can see what you have Running vs. Disabled. Should be able to assist @harored .
  15. Steve's post in Home Network Connectivity was marked as the answer   
    Don't forget, you need to set permissions on both the SHARE and the FILES. Be sure you assigned proper rights in both places.
  16. Steve's post in How to Improve My PC Speed? was marked as the answer   
    There are a few things you can do. This is not a complete list BUT, it's where I would start.
    Add Remove Programs -- Uninstall any software you don't need. You can also use a tool for this if needed. Over time, many things run in the background -- and you normally don't need all the junk. Go through and nuke anything you don't recognize or need. Free up your disk space by removing old no longer needed files. Low drive space can cause a lot of issues on a system. Clean things up annually if possible. Disable startup apps you no longer need. Some apps are useful but, if you don't need they to always run, remove them from the auto-startup. The best way to speed up an old system is to replace your hard drive with an NVMe Drive. These are cutting edge and in many cases, can extend the life of a system for years. This is my #1 recommendation. But, you will need to spend a little cash which is why I list it last.  
  17. Steve's post in Any details on Windows 11 yet? was marked as the answer   
    Things have started but, you can see all our content here with the details. 
  18. Steve's post in Winrar can't extract files was marked as the answer   
    Is the RAR file encrypted? If you've put a password on the file, you will need to use WinRar or something like 7-ZIP to decrypt the file before ou can get data from it.
    Perhaps give 7-Zip a shot. It's freeware that should be able to decompress anything .rar
    If the file is corrupted, damaged, you might be out of luck. Do you have it on a backup? That's one of the #1 reasons all users should have a quality backup solution.
  19. Steve's post in quicknowledge was marked as the answer   
    It really depends on each app on the Windows Platform. Take a look at this article from @brian which reviews how to uninstall software on Windows. Revo is a great tool for example.
    Hope this helps!
  20. Steve's post in Windows 7 has put a 2 at the end of my SSID was marked as the answer   
    Answer from @Simon
    You could just go to “Devices and Printers” and set your printer to be default on the SSID with a 2 at the end but if you want to get rid of the 2 on the end this is what you do.
    Go to control panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing CenterIn the section where it says “View your active networks” click on the house icon (this opens the “Set Network Properties” dialogue.Click on “Merge or delete network locations” (this displays all the networks you have connected to) You can select any that you don’t want and click Delete.There is also a merge option, you can select both of your home SSIDs and click merge. I haven’t used this option but I would expect this does exactly what it says and will fix your printer issue (maybe someone else can comment on that).Note: If you don’t want to risk the merge option messing things up, you can delete the old SSID then in the “Set Network Properties” dialogue delete the 2 from the end of the current SSID.
    You will then need to go to devices and printers and set up your home printer as the default on your home network again.
  21. Steve's post in Looking for a good pair of in-ear headphones was marked as the answer   
    I've always loved Skull Candy headphones http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=skull%20candy&sprefix=skull+%2Caps&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Askull%20candy
    I've bought several pair and I can vouch for the sound quality. Check Amazon for the latest and keep a close eye on the reviews as I'm sure they have changed a bit since my last purchase.
  22. Steve's post in Office 2013 icons was marked as the answer   
    HI Jacquelyn,
    If you're just looking for the Icons, take a look at this article. It has all the icons you can use or download.
    If you've installed Office 2013, here is where they sit on my Windows 8 install. Hopefully it's the same place for you also:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15 Just change the View to Extra Large and you should be able to take a screenshot of them etc....
  23. Steve's post in What is the best way to sync a desktop computer and a laptop ? was marked as the answer   
    Sugarsync and Dropbox are also a good option. Jack wrote up an article on them in the past.
    More here: http://www.groovypost.com/tags/dropbox/More here: http://www.groovypost.com/tags/sugarsync/
    And here's a bunch of article which talk about Skydrive: http://www.groovypost.com/tags/skydrive/
    Hope that all helps!
  24. Steve's post in What guarantee should I expect from an SEO company? was marked as the answer   
    That's a tough question. Primarily, they should be able to show you a list of other sites they have helped and that help should reflect in Google Search results. In other words, they should have a proven track record and when they present their analysis to you, they should be able to back it up and explain not just the what but the why as well.
    One thing to remember, your site might have the best SEO on the planet however if you don't have good content, people won't look for you using organic search and they also won't link to you so in the end, you won't get the traffic anyway.
  25. Steve's post in How to recover Lost Excel password 2007 File was marked as the answer   
    The only application I actually recommend is a commercial app called Passware. I've been using their password recovery tools in a corporate environment for.... 15 years?
    Link: Passware Kit
    It allows you to instantly recover Excel, Word etc... documents from Excel 4.0 to Excel 2003. Excel 2007 - 2019 however, it will need to use brute force to get into the Office file. Which.... takes time 
    I'm sure there might be other tools out there but I suggest Passware become I've used it and it works (as long as you're not using a long-and-strong password. It can do long and strong PW's but it will take time.
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