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  1. Question from Reader - Email Form Hi Tom, Ouch. I know how it feels losing a days worth of work. The worst part is when you have to recreate what you've already done. To answer your question, when you found the Entry "OutlookSecureTempFolder" what was the path in the DATA column? I assume you reviewed this post here to find it. It looks like you found the registry key entry so your more than 1/2 way there. Find that key again and you should have the path to your OLK folder and your Excel should be sitting there. Now the path might be a bit confusing because with Outlook 2007, there actually is "NOT" an OLK folder. For instance, on my XP/Outlook 2007 install, my OLK folder or "Temp Outlook Folder" / "OutlookSecureTempFolder" is: "c:\Documents and Settings\mrgroove\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\4V32TZLP" So if you look on your box you will find what your looking for in the "Content.Outlook" folder. Take a look there and your golden. Let me know how this works for you!
  2. Steve

    OST to PST Tool

    For converting OST files to PST files, please use this thread for the discussion - off-topic/ost-to-pst-t182293.html#p230876
  3. Steve

    OST to PST

    Creating a PST file is a simple process I've covered in depth here on my blog. However, if you need to convert the OST file of another user into a PST file, please let me know and I can assist with a few ideas. -Steve
  4. To add an attachment / screenshot etc... to a forum post, just Click the Upload attachment tab, Click Browse to find the File you want to upload/attach then The system will automatically create thumbnails if the attachments are images. Hopefully this will make it easier to post pictures of your issues on the forum.
  5. Are these laptops or desktops? Sounds like they are desktops given you mentioned (mouse and keyboard). That's really funky. The update for windows should not impact video or keyboard during the boot process. Are you not getting anything during the post/boot cycle before windows? If it's an OS issue, you will get video in BIOS at least... If you're not, I'd verify the monitors are plugged in correctly and hard reboot the boxes. If you still can't get video you either have an issue on the motherboard, video card or monitor. If it's happening on two individual boxes..... that's a huge coincidence. You might have had a power event that fried something on box boxes. Again, very rare but not impossible. True to rule out each of those items individually before doing any replacement of the computers.
  6. OK got it. Makes sense. Smartscreen isn't something I ever enable on IE/Edge etc... But if you nuke it, shouldn't hurt anything I can think of.
  7. What exactly is your goal? Worried about Smartscreen?
  8. Comment Taken from: How-To Find your Microsoft Outlook .PST File Hi Robert and welcome to the site! There are 2 type of PST files. Outlook 2003 (and previous versions) created PST files in the ANSI format which had a 2 Gig limit in file size. Outlook 2007 allows you to create a PST file in UNICODE format which has a 20 Gig Limit by default. So it looks like your old PST is stuck in ANSI format. Granted there are tools out there which will convert ANSI PST files into Unicode PST files however all of them want around $50 for what you can solve for free. My advice since you apparently can open the PST file and move data out of it would be to create a new PST file. Be sure you create a UNICODE PC. If you need help, follow the How-To here: How-To create Outlook PST Files in Outlook 2007. The key is step 2: If you choose the top option, you will get a Unicode PST file. The bottom will create an older ANSI format PST with a 2 gig limit which you don't want. Once you create the new PST, just move all the email from the OLD FULL pst file into the NEW PST file. When it's all done, just delete the old PST file and you should be good to go (be careful when you delete anything... It's never easy to get back lost data after you nuke it!) Now, if for some reason you can’t move email because Outlook won't let you, you have 2 options. The first option is to try and Shrink the old PST file. You can do this by going into the properties of the Outlook PST File: Now Click on "Compact Now" as shown below: Note: Ignore the arrows in the screenshot, it's taken from another How-To Article. After the file compresses you should get back some space and then from there you can move all the mail (or copy) into the NEW Unicode PST file and you should be good to go!
  9. Steve

    Mail merge Outlook 2010

    Here's an article with the latest version of Office -
  10. Steve

    Office 365 Home

    No, you shouldn't be getting CERT issues. You should first check with your email admin. And then, I would remove the mailbox from outlook and re-add it again. See if that fixes it.
  11. There are a few tools out there you can search for, however, in most cases, the data will be lost if the ZIP file is corrupted. WinZip has a KB article on how to repair a ZIP file. You might check it out: After installing WinZip, using the following commands:
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    Welcome to the site Theo. Hope to see you around!
  13. @tlpmap Did they replace your MB or are you still having issues? Although it says it will only work with Windows 8, sometimes the FLASH will still work... You might try it if you're dead in the water..
  14. I love the new Focused Inbox feature from Microsoft. However, I'm trying to find the Keyboard Shortcut Key so I can jump through my inbox a bit faster vs. Right-Click > V (Move to Other). If anyone out there finds it, let me know. -Steve
  15. Hi @JennyR - Nope. Nothing yet. I'm still waiting for MS to fix this. Will keep you updated here however if I find something.
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    My Introduction

    Welcome to the forum. Interesting name...
  17. Steve

    MSIServer Not Running

    Really depends which services you disabled/stopped. Most of the items I normally turn off are 3rd party tools and software packages which have no business running in the first place at startup. If I want them to run, I'll launch them. Take a screenshot of your services from Task Manager > Startup so we can see what you have Running vs. Disabled. Should be able to assist @harored .
  18. So.... that's not good @tlpmap First, I would start by unplugging everything from the computer except the monitor and keyboard. See if that helps. If not, goto the MSI website and download the latest Motherboard FIRMWARE and flash the board. If you're already running the latest bios, I would still flash it to see if that clears up the issue for you. Something is obviously wrong. Here's a link to the BIOS -
  19. Steve

    Home Network Connectivity

    Don't forget, you need to set permissions on both the SHARE and the FILES. Be sure you assigned proper rights in both places.
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    Thnx @Sam Malone - I'm glad you enjoy the blog!
  21. November 1st was a big day at groovyPost. Along with optimizing the site optimizing the site top-to-bottom, we also changed almost every site aspect of the site including our home page. Since then, we've received several comments from our reading including a very important question from our read, Paul Newton: That's a great question, Paul. You can find the latest articles on the home page, on the LEFT sidebar under "Latest Articles". They are sitting under our featured content. See screenshot below. I know the site has a bit more going on than it did previously. Hopefully, this helps you find what you were looking for! Any additional questions, just let me know here or on the site! -Steve
  22. Steve

    Best and lowest cost wifi provider

    Hi @tlpmap - Welcome to the forum! In most cases, the best service will be based on where you live and which ISP (Internet Service Providers) are available in your area. Comcast for sure is one of the big boys out there and you can usually bundle the service with other services like phone or cable TV to get further discounts. $115 a month sounds a little high to be honest for just Internet Access. If you can get other services like Verizon FIOS, Frontier or Centurylink, you might want to give them a call and ask how much straight internet costs. Also - be sure to call back at least every 6 months and ask if your price is the best price they can offer. This always helps me get a discount.
  23. Article originally published: If you purchased something on Amazon and the price drops within a week of buying it, you can request a refund for the difference. Here's how.
  24. Steve

    Expanding a HD drive

    Heya @theo - Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. What I was going to suggest merging partitions together vs. going down the storage spaces route. We talked about the free tool which can do this here: The app is called EaseUS - here is a link to the free edition which allows you to Merge partitions. Hope that helps Theo! BTW: Welcome to the forum!