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    Thnx @Sam Malone - I'm glad you enjoy the blog!
  2. November 1st was a big day at groovyPost. Along with optimizing the site optimizing the site top-to-bottom, we also changed almost every site aspect of the site including our home page. Since then, we've received several comments from our reading including a very important question from our read, Paul Newton: That's a great question, Paul. You can find the latest articles on the home page, on the LEFT sidebar under "Latest Articles". They are sitting under our featured content. See screenshot below. I know the site has a bit more going on than it did previously. Hopefully, this helps you find what you were looking for! Any additional questions, just let me know here or on the site! -Steve
  3. I love the new Focused Inbox feature from Microsoft. However, I'm trying to find the Keyboard Shortcut Key so I can jump through my inbox a bit faster vs. Right-Click > V (Move to Other). If anyone out there finds it, let me know. -Steve
  4. Best and lowest cost wifi provider

    Hi @tlpmap - Welcome to the forum! In most cases, the best service will be based on where you live and which ISP (Internet Service Providers) are available in your area. Comcast for sure is one of the big boys out there and you can usually bundle the service with other services like phone or cable TV to get further discounts. $115 a month sounds a little high to be honest for just Internet Access. If you can get other services like Verizon FIOS, Frontier or Centurylink, you might want to give them a call and ask how much straight internet costs. Also - be sure to call back at least every 6 months and ask if your price is the best price they can offer. This always helps me get a discount.
  5. Expanding a HD drive

    Heya @theo - Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. What I was going to suggest merging partitions together vs. going down the storage spaces route. We talked about the free tool which can do this here: The app is called EaseUS - here is a link to the free edition which allows you to Merge partitions. Hope that helps Theo! BTW: Welcome to the forum!
  6. I wanted to get wifi password of my office

    Hey there. To be clear, your computer is connected to WIFI at work and you are trying to figure out what that WIFI password is? Have you tried asking the Network team at work for the WIFI password? I assume they are not too keen on giving it to you?
  7. Article originally published: If you purchased something on Amazon and the price drops within a week of buying it, you can request a refund for the difference. Here's how.
  8. Just got prompted to update my softphone/headset software and it reminded me (to remind all of you) that this is a good example of why it's important to keep all the software on your Windows/Mac box fully updated. In my case, the Plantronics Hub software is the brains behind my Headset which I use for all things Audio and Mic on my work Mac including Cisco Jabber or Skype, WebEx, Slack calls and a few other apps. It also updates the firmware on my headset and Plantronics Bluetooth headset. So, it's fairly important. Here are the release notes for the V3.9.4 update.
  9. Awesome! Glad we could help!
  10. Access USB drive connected router ZTE H168N

    Hi Chevron, Yeah I don't have one of those myself. I have an ASUS Wireless Router (and love it)..... Sorry I don't have more info. Have you tried to FLASH the bios on the router? Perhaps it just needs an update.
  11. You know.. I've never used Opera on mobile. I'll have to give that a shot. Does it ever have any compatibility issues? I assume you're on an iPhone?
  12. Hi Dusty - What did you use to take the PC image? What OS are you using? You might be able to just take a USB and plug it into the other PC and copy the image over. Depends tho on my two questions.
  13. Facebook Deactivation

    Great tip! Thnx
  14. How to password/encrypt protect folders in Windows 10?

    Hi Robert, There is no app or feature built into Windows 10 that will allow you to lock the contents. Are you doing this so other people using your computer cannot gain access to them? One option you might have is to use EFS. Only you, the person who encrypts with EFS will be able to OPEN the document. ... s-folders/ Hope that helps.