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  1. Seriously.....

    you want to use a tracking app to check that your 6 year old son (an Android user ) is safe???

    Is he not with a responsible adult that you can contact?

    Or is this a typo and he is not 6 but 16 years old

    If he is 16 then you would be intruding on his privacy by tracking him even if you did so without him knowing.

    Plus a tracking app will only tell you where his phone is not that he is safe.


    Hi simon

    Let me clarify further(1) yes it is confirm no typo error on my end here. My boy is really 6-year old without the '1'.

    (2) most of the time he is with my maid and i am dead worried as a mum that's all. This maid of mine jus got on board with us for a span of 3 weeks only. Hence the only way i can think of is to do tracking on my son who carries a mobile. Blame me for being a feaky mum but that is for sure a tenporary measure (i hope).

    Fine if there's no apps to share but pls dun doubt what i intend to do. Tq

  2. Hey all

    I am 3g iphone user and would like to do tracking for one of my son (6-year-old) of his whereabout especially when I am overseas.

    He is an Android user.

    Can I know if there is an apps that I can make use of to do tracking. I do not need to track him every second, every minute though..... just wana make sure that he is safe whenever I cant reach him on his mobile.

    But I do not wana intrude into his privacy so if the apps can be made in a way that he is not aware that he is "being tracked" would be better

  3. I came to realise that there are some apps which I have deleted from my iphone had seemed NOT to be totally deleted. hmmm.........

    what I am trying to say is - e.g. I have previously installed FB app on my iphone but when I go back to the apps store and search "facebook" it was not indicated as "free" but "install" so I suspected that this s/w is still lurking in my iphone. Am I right to say that? or I can safely say it is "totally trashed" out?

    if it is not totally trashed out, is there a way whereby it can be "totally wiped out" on my iphone (as if it was never install before?) possible?

    I came to realise that happens on Android phones too getting into "my files" I can still see "facebook" sitting in my phone. but on the "play store" it did indicate "isntall" (as if it was never install before)

  4. I am really in a dilemma now

    I have tried to deactivate my FB/delete my FB but somehow it always, I really mean always....prompting that I keyed in the wrong password?? why is that so?

    If I have keyed the wrong password, how I end up in MY FB account?

    anyone has a solution? sigh.......


    Hey guys

    just a short note to say - I have managed to deactivate my FB account already!!!!! yes!!!

    sharing what I have done - here's what I do

    (1) instead of changing my profile name 1st - what I have done is - changed my password 1st. somehow, I had a hitch feel that FB itself had forgotten my password hence it prompted wrong password each time I keyed in.

    (2) so I changed my password. then, changed my profile name. then, unclick the email to my current email and select the email "link" to FB

    (3) wah-lah......finally I received an email (my initial email address) from FB that my account is deactivated!!!!!

    TQ all for all the help rendered here. TQ for being here to listen to my "woes" always. now somehow I felt ease of mind that this is out from my mind now


  5. I am really in a dilemma now

    I have tried to deactivate my FB/delete my FB but somehow it always, I really mean always....prompting that I keyed in the wrong password?? why is that so?

    If I have keyed the wrong password, how I end up in MY FB account?

    anyone has a solution? sigh.......


    Dear all

    ok.......I have done all deletions, photos, status, etc etc. My FB is now totall-y empty and I must say - that is a very tedious process

    now, I wanted to change the username as recommended here. guess what? I was prompted that "my password is incorrect"!!!! argh..............

    I really give up now.....I am really totally lost!! tried all suggested ways and FB seemed to be STILL on my back!!! very upsetting!!!


  6. Hi garfield933,

    You say that you can still access your FB account with the old password.

    If this is the case and you can’t get FB to delete the account. Go into your account and delete everything, Pictures, Posts, Comments, Profile information.


    Go into your messages and from the actions tab choose delete messages. You will have to do this for each friend you have messaged.

    Once you have deleted everything, block any friends in your list, this will remove any links between your old account and theirs. If you just unfriend them there may be some links left to your old account.

    Once everything is deleted change the profile name so no one will know it was your account.

    Now change the password to something long and complicated that you will not remember and deactivate what's left of the account..

    Now with no personal inform the FB account is nothing to do with you anymore and with no access you can forget about it.



    Hi Steve

    I saw your link. thxs for the help really. ok.....as of now, I have deleted ALL my photos, status update, messages. so I am not suppose to "unfriend" my friends but blocked right?

    but the thing that puzzled me - ok, I gone through those steps in your boxes - keying in my password and the security check word. each time I click "ok" that is when I was prompted with "wrong password"!!! argh..... why cant they simply say "cannot be delete due to blah blah blah......" rather than indicating as "wrong password" it was so misleading!!!

    it is really getting my nerves

  7. Check here


    hope this answers your question.


    Hi Hammad

    yes, that's what I had been trying to do for the past hours in the morning!!! argh...... FB just prompted to me again and again with "wrong password entererd"

    I am really lost!! :"(

    (thxs for link - actually I was hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that your link will work this time but sigh.....it didnt again)

  8. I hear that one easy way to automatically delete your Facebook photo is to upload pornography as your main profile pic. Not the most ethical way to do it, but Facebook will delete your account for you. Just make sure to clear out all of your personal information manually before you do it.


    huh? omg.........oh man!!

    the worst part - FB is not replying to my queries at all!! very upsetting......

    so what? I have to live with FB forever?

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