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  1. Hi Bob,I tried the link you suggesteds below: "Luckily, this is an easy problem to fix. Microsoft’s CorFlags command line tool – part of the .NET Framework – lets you modify the header flags on executable files, including the one that specifies when an application needs to be run in 32-bit mode. Setting this flag for our database application was a simple matter of typing CorFlags application.exe /32bit+" But it didn't work. By the way my software is not the part of the .net framework as far as I know.But thanks anyway for all the help you provided me with. Jagdish NB: How do I go about voting you?
  2. I clearly see your point. The program (exe file) that I'm trying to run on 64 bit version of Windows 7, is a basic (more specifically power basic) program that I wrote myself and compiled several years ago. I have been using these program on my 32 bit desktop and other 32 bit machines. When I run it on windows 7 (64-bit) it gives an error: that my exe file is incompatible. I hope this clear enough. If you like I could attach the exe file. Thanks.
  3. I have an exe file (compiled from a basic program) that is compatible with 32-bit windows operating system but not compatible with 64 bit windows-7 operating system. How do I go about convertiing it work on my windows -7 laptop computer?' Or how can I make my existing program work on windows-7? Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. I had the similar problem. I have a dos based program that works on 32 bit version of Windows (then 64 bit version didn't exist) and I don't know how to convert it to 64 bit so that it would work on the 64-bit version of windows. Thanks.
  5. Wonderful! Your help is greatly appreciated. Now my laptop Outlook is completely updated. Thanks.
  6. Thanks again Simon. It worked! Only thing I couldn't get transported were groups (groups in contact list). I guess I need to recreate them in the Outlook of my laptop. One thing I noticed that suggested contacts do not show up in the list on the laptop Outlook, while it does show on my desktop outlook. The Microsoft-Help says the suggested contact list is hidden. Anyway I didn't quite understand it. But I have no problem living with what I have now.
  7. Update I think I have everything accomplished except the address book (contact list). In order to update my address book in new computer (laptop) I exported the emails into an excel spreadsheet, and then kept only two columns (Column A for Names, and Column B for email addresses) and imported back into the contact folder in the outlook. But when I check for addresses by clicking on address book, and the contact list it's empty. Apparently the addresses are linked to the address book correctly. Any suggestion? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for your answer. My emails were transported just fine. However there are couple of things: The outlook file folder in the document folder do not have those pst files. They are in my dropbox folder. And they are listed with: filename-microsoft Outlook Internet Setting Is that correct? Also my address book is not transported. Thanks.
  9. I have Outlook 2010 on both of my computers (Desktop and Laptop). I have been using desktop for quite a while, while my laptop is a recently bought. I would like to copy Outlook database (?) or more specifically the address book and emails from my desktop to the laptop. What's the easiest way to do it. I have identical accounts on both machines. Thank you. Pluto99_999
  10. I have created a bunch of series in my excel plot. I would like to have ability to retain these series but only select the one that I'm interested in to look at. Presently when I try to select the one that I'm interested in I have to delete other series. And every time I need to select a series which was deleted I end up creating again (which takes time and really unnecessary). Is there a way I can retain all the series and select the one that I'm interested in without having to delete the other series.
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