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  1. gotta pay the bills I guess. :) BTW - that's old adsense code. You should upgrade with the new adsense code. I like the CSS tho. Cool borders.
  2. I'M SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!! You must have a better supplier in the netherlands than in the states because I can't get the phone yet. Here's the link from Samsung. Says "Coming soon". Granted this is the Samsung USA site. http://www.samsungmobileusa.com/GalaxyS/Default.aspx
  3. gooooooo netherlands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Read this post: http://www.groovypost.com/howto/microso ... lk-folder/ If click Start-> Run and drop the OLK path into windows explorer, you should be able to see it in explorer.
  5. Are you dual booting into Windows 7? In other words, when you boot your PC do you choose which OS to boot into?
  6. Right Click the files, click properties then click Security Tab. Is your name listed there? You can also click the Security Tab then Click Advanced. Click Owner and then click your name to take ownership. Fixed?
  7. Hi Ben! Welcome! I'm kinda new here also but yeah, I like the clean look also and I hate ads on the site so DONT CHANGE ANYTHING MRGROOVE!! England ehh?? You guys did pretty good this year in South Africa. Bummer Germany took you out but then again it looks like they might go all the way so if your going to lose, it's good to lose to a great time!
  8. Did getting the latest windows 7 driver from the DELL website fix your issue?
  9. This is something that has driven me crazy over the eons. I have 2 monitors and I like to keep 2 different excel windows open. The problem is I cant find an easy way to double click and open excel files in 2 separate windows. Each time I double click an excel file it just opens the file in the current excel window. I just installed excel 2010 hoping the behavior would change but nope... it's the same as excel 2003 and excel 2007.... All excel files still open in the same Excel Window which drives me crazy. Only solution I can find is opening up 2 windows then doing the old fashioned F
  10. I disagree. the Windows Vista or Windows 7 Snipping tool is almost all you need these days. It can highlight and take a screen capture easy! I personally assigned the shortcut to the snipping tool to a keyboard shortcut and now it's simple with just a few clicks!
  11. Sorry dude.... I wish I could help ya. I'm just to lame. When you talk about libraries, are these the Windows 7 Libraries? Can you just create a new library to get them to show up? I'm interested to hear how this works out. I've been wanting to get a NAS for all my media so I'm curious how this Synology product works out for ya.
  12. That is awesome! I'll bet that was the issue above as well from Building Blocks issue: I never had the issue BUT, I know a few peeps who did have the issue of outlook 2010 crashing on them. Thnx for the re-post of the solution here!
  13. Airlines have got it down to a science how to squeeze the most possible profit out of us. And btw - Airlines have not been serving food for a LONG LONG time.... You must not have traveled recently.
  14. Heart-attack in a jar. Give it a few years and I'm sure it will have a surgeon general message on it.
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