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  1. Hah, I discovered what it was that was causing the problem. My Windows Audio system service was actually disabled. I was able to rig some of my own drivers together but it still wasn't working. Silly me, I'm not sure what would even cause that service to be disabled. it's very strange. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi I'm having an issue with my soundcard on an older machine. The card is a Sound Blaster Live! model #CT-4830. My OS is windows xp. I've tried failingly to get it to work and nothing seems to do the trick. I get no sound while surfing the net or listening to windows media player. The funny thing is though, that I do get sound while playing World of Warcraft. I'm wondering if this might be a driver issue? I've tried downloading LiveDrvUni-Pack(ENG) off of a few sites including creative's. Only thing I haven't really tried is booting into safe mode and uninstalling all drivers, then
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