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  1. Thanks for all your comments. I gave in with trying to get ios 5 and went and bought a Iphone 3GS instead. Now though guys, can anyone out there let me know if there are any websites That sell BLUE mirror protective fronts for the iphone 3GS . I know there are plenty of the normal mirror ones But I tried it and it is mince in the sun light. I have been through many websites but have had no joy. Oh I did come across one, but the minimum you could buy was 1000?? At a time.Any help about BLUE mirror protective screens for iphone 3 gs would be very very welcome' ps, I also came across Blue digitisers for the 3GS but no way am I trying to fit that , and they also cost about £36 eachThanks for reading and hope someone can enlighten me.Wilfy

  2. iTunes has never failed me. If an update is possible, iTunes will tell you when you plug it in that an update is available and do you want to download and install or just download and install later.

    Perhaps you can hack it and get it on however that would be pretty risky and I would REALLY HIGHLY advise against it since the new code might not be compatible with the device (99% sure).



    Thanks for your interest and reply about the above.I have tried to download the 5.0.1. Firmware onto iTunes without any luck.I tunes does not recognise the files, but I know what you mean about I tunes, it is a very good tool, and like yourself it has never really failed me until now.For the last 4 weeks I have been trying to buy a frozen I phone. 3G on eBay at a reasonable price , but have you seen the price some of them go for. Some of the iPhones are completely useless and still sell for about £40 -£60 at the least, not to worry though I will keep looking on eBay, for one I can try and mend myself, then I should be able to get most apps with ipa's installed onto it.Also it would be good to just have all my music on my iPod 2 gen and use the phone for other things eh.Thanks for all your help out there.CheeriestWilfy

  3. With such a popular product, if it was at all possible to install ios 5.0.1 then there would be instructions on the internet of how to do so.

    There are a few people talking about how they installed ios 5 on a 2nd gen iPod touch but crucially, none of them give clear details of how they did it.

    Even if you could install 5.0.1 on a 2g iPod its quite possible that the hardware just wouldn't be up to the task of running it making the whole experience slow and unstable.


    Thank you Simion for taking the time to post here, I really appreciate it.I have been trawling the net for a while now and love my iPod 2nd gen.I think an upgrade to 3rd gen will have to be given serious consideration now as, many appsNow require ipa files for watching tv etc etc . It would also be a big advantage to get messageThat I can use for messaging friends .thanks again and cheers,Wilfy

  4. I am really really sorry you guys, but I actually have a 2 g ipod touch ?And want to download 5.0.1. Onto iTunes. I have tried downloading all the firmware etc and then went into iTunesAnd held the shift key etc, but I keep getting a message saying my iPod is not compatible.I think I will have to go and buy a 3G iPod of eBay in the end. You see I would like to get 5.0.1. On my 2g and jailbreak from there. I know how to jailbreak and get the firmware etc but I just can't seem to get 5.0.1. On to iTunes.I will keep fingers crossed that someone may be able to advice. Cheers, wilfy009

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