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  1. yes iam sure iam not hiting any key,and msg comes chkdsk hasbeen cancelled and system stars normaly. on some web they they have suggested that execution delayed time should be set more than 10 second. But how we set ?. I also noted that some time it works normaly.
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    Delete email

    iam using yahoomail, Inbox page contais 25 mail hence at a time 1 can select and delet only 25 mail then how it is possible to delet more than 25 mails at a time
  3. How we delete more than 50 email at a time ?
  4. It is very smart answer !!!! Congrates
  5. I have problem for " Check the drive for error Command " from the property dilog box of the drive, Tool tab selected, then by clicking the Check disk for error, message popups drive in use. It will check on next boot time, by clicking OK, and then i reboot however it doesn't check the drive and when it reboots it says the check has been cancelled. Thanks