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  1. I dont understand this but it looks good
  2. thanks guys I think it must have been spoofing because its ok now
  3. Lots of laptops just aren't that loud and even if you did make them louder the sound would be really distorted. External speakers or headphones/earphones are the way to go.
  4. A friend of mine is receiving emails from my email address advertising electronics but I never sent them. I have a strong password which I changed as soon as I was made aware of the first email, I changed my security details as well but since then another 2 emails have been sent. I don't have any automatic mailing software and the emails are not in my sent box. How is this happening when I have done all my security.
  5. thanx @Simon H & RShores I was looking for the internet headers which I have now found under properties. I hoped the information would have explained how this happened but no luck. what happened was someone I know forwarded me a message which came from my email address but i never sent it, I have a good password on the account and cant see how anyone could have used it. I checked my sent box and the email isnt there and everything seems normal.
  6. The options are gone from the outlook 2010 right click menu and I cant find them in the ribbon interface
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