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  1. Thanks, but no - I am talking about attempting to type a new email or reply to an email in my inbox...either by clicking on "new email" or "reply". It has nothing to do with email alerts. Nothing comes onto my screen. The email I am trying to write disappears under the pile while I am still working on it. And the autocomplete function in the address of new emails is also skittish; suggested name vanishes before I can click on it.
  2. In Outlook 2010, Windows 7, I find that new email windows vanish before I can complete the email, and autocomplete addresses vanish before I can click on them. Similarly when hovering with mouse over the Outlook logo on my taskbar, the new email is there and will come up when right clicked and vanish instantly; left clicking on the icon keeps the email on top, especially if I maximize it, long enough to complete the message and send. Is this an Outlook instability or is there some selection I should make somewhere that says "Keep open email on top" or something like that? Thanks
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