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  1. ShockerSH, Beyond_Life & Dudo, Their instructions described above from them are good. If I were you, I would start with the easy steps, first, see below: Increase the add-ons delay to the maximum that is 10 secs instead the default that is 2 secs. This help you to avoid in seeing this bar, constantly. Usually this help because most of the time the bar comes for those add-ons that you need that have a little delay less the 10 secs. 8-10 secs are safe delay time that you can use. By disable add-ons, it comes a problem because you need them sometimes and you get mad for no remembering how to enable them. (Used Instructions Described by ShockerSH) If by increasing the time delay is not a good solution, the next solution is to disable the bar, but by disable it can be a little confusing for regular users and when the IE9 is upgraded, you will have to do the same thing all over again unless microsoft takes out this feature. It is time consuming(I think) and most of the time you forget how to do it, again. (Used Instructions Described by Dudo) Use a different browser, recommend Google chrome and Firefox only. Please, don't use several browsers in your computer is old because they crash with each other most of the time in old systems.(Used Instructions Described by Beyond_Life) The solution in 1 & 3 are the best of all, those are the 2 solutions I am using. In mac you don't have that problem because they don't use IE, but I have several browsers to play around and prevent problems with one browser. Hope this information helps a little for all of you out there! (Credits for ShockerSH, Beyond_Life & Dudo, good job guys!)