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  1. Hey there. Here is our article on how to copy and paste text and images on the Kindle Fire.


    The clipboard works like it does in Windows, you copy your text, then paste it right away...with only one copy on the board per task.

    There is also an app you can download from the Kindle Fire App Store called Cachenote. It lets you copy multiple items to a list. It's free. Only has a two star rating, but I haven't tried it. Hopefully someone else here has tried it and can offer their opinion.


    Hope this helps


    No, it does not help. Sorry! I need to know how to get to my clipboard, not how to copy and paste to it. I already know that. I cannot find my clipboard on any files on my Kindle Fire. Does anyone know how to find the clipboard?? It may be virtual but either way, I need to know how to get to the clipboard. PLEASE RESPOND!

  2. How do I get to the clipboard that my kindle fire automatically saves everything to? I can't figure out where it is and I need to see what all has been saved to the clipboard. I know a couple of things I wanted to share on Facebook...but have no idea. HELP.Hwhere my clipboard is. PLEASE.

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