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  1. I have a protected worksheet but I want users to be able to sort one of the tables. When protecting the sheet I checked the options allowing users to select cells, sort and use auto filter but it won’t allow the table to be sorted without entering the password for the sheet. What am I doing wrong? Excel 2010 Abby
  2. We have all 3 and in our house the Wii is for little kids and Grandads. The XBOX and PS3 are for me, I have no preference over ether of them but I need both so that I can play all the exclusive games on each console. I think it best to forget about the hardware and choose based on what games are available that you want to play.
  3. I dont know how to do this in Excel but I have lists with checkboxes in OneNote and the OneNote app on my ipad and the check boxes work fine. Could you transfer the lists to OneNote
  4. Thanks I now have my rules exported and the whole RoamCache folder backed up. But how would I go about restoring the autocomplete file to Outlook if I had to. Would it just be a case of copying it to the same location on a new computer?
  5. Thanks I will defo export the blocked senders and ribbon customisations and no signatures to back up
  6. I have windows 7 with outlook 2010 and I always backup my outlook files folder containing the Outlook data file. Is this all I need to restore my outlook if anything went wrong with my laptop. I have hundreds of emails in different folders that I have set up, hundreds of contacts. I have dozens of email rules, calendar appointments and tasks and quicksteps. Are these all stored in the outlook data file or do I need to back up other files as well. Should I be exporting the calendar and contacts separately or is it ok to just back up the data file. I just want to make sure that I am backing up all the right stuff.
  7. I don't use Android but spoke to a friend who does. He explained that confusingly android refers to internal memory as SD storage. So when you check the SD card space and it says 1.46GB available you are checking the external SD card that you fitted. when it says only 52.29MB available android is referring to the internal memory. He has never heard of allocating 500MB for apps though but he has heard of some apps that write cache files all over your SD card using up and wasting the space.
  8. Ive been using location reminders Monday to Friday for the last 3 to 4 months and haven't noticed any difference in data usage. It does seem to use my battery faster though.
  9. I have column B with 200 rows of true / false I am trying to write a macro that will search column B from the top and when it finds the first true it will copy the contents from that row in column A and paste them to D1 Then I want to do the same thing in D2 but searching for the second true then in D3 searching for the third true. e.g.If the first True is in cell B50 then I want cell D1 to display the contents of cell A50 If the second True is further down say in B75 I want cell D2 to display the contents of cell A75 If the third True is in cell B150 then I want cell D3 to display the contents of cell A150 It doesn’t matter if there are more than 3 True's I only need to find the first 3 wherever they are in column B
  10. To use iCloud you need (Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or Windows 7)You also need Outlook
  11. could you set up a separate user account on your computer and install outlook 2007 for that user account. Then you could use that to sync your phone calls, export the information, switch to your user account using Outlook 2010 and import the journal information.
  12. It works now thank you so much I was letting windows choose where to store the certificate before.
  13. Any purchase in any country lets you do reviews on Amazon. But why would you want to buy an item just to be able to write a review.
  14. I am guessing that going back to 32bit outlook is not an option so how about syncing your phone calls on your old computer with outlook 2007 32 bit then exporting the journal information into outlook 2010. That's just a suggestion, I dont know if it would work or not.
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