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  1. Well I've also discovered there is no num lock key on this laptop. I called Asus support and they thought there was one until I was put on hold and they physically looked and then agreed with me. They also did not know anything about alt key codes. Still frustrated. My laptop is a G74SX.
  2. It's a new Asus laptop and I still get the "save a doc" window, even with the onscreen keyboard.
  3. I've done alt codes at work for years on XP. Now with my new computer at home with Win7, when I push either alt key and then a number, it brings up a window to save the document or it does nothing at all, depending where I try this. Very frustrating for me to lose the ease of the alt code button. I can't find anywhere to change this to the XP style.
  4. How can I set my alt key so I can add symbols and characters to my mail, word and facebook?