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  1. Hello there. I would like to know if there is a way to select and forward (quite a few) e-mails all at once. Instead of doing one at a time.I do not want to move all of my mail - just selected folders of my mail. I tried an e-mail moving program a while ago and it moved all my mail and made a mess.
  2. I don't have any particular website where I do this.When I surf the web and I like an image or something, I want to save it and I always have to get rid of the time.
  3. Thank you DW96,I don't really care about the time.I am looking for a way to avoid having to rename it all the time.It just seems to take so long because I save quite a few things.Perhaps this can't be avoided?Cheers Telse.
  4. Thank you for responding.Yes was talking about groovy post.Thanks for your help.Cheers Telse
  5. Hello.When I am downloading an image that I want to save, the date and time show are shown.I can't save anything unless I delete the time. So I need to click on it, then back spaceto get rid of it. If I try to save it with the time,a message appears saying - 'This is not a valid file name'. I need to do this over and over. It wastes a lot of time.Is there a way to disable or tweak this feature, so I don't have to keep doing that?Can make one nuts. Thanks so much if anyone has an answer.
  6. Hello julieandrews,Thanks for responding.My comment was more than 10 characters long.As a matter of fact I think it was too long, as I was rambling :)Cheers Telse
  7. Hello once again Simon. Just letting you know all is back to normal.(for the time being). I happened to be reading about windows Security.There was a link to recovery.I was able to access this and find the restore point 'undo' this worked.Thanks again for your help.Cheers Telse
  8. Thank you so much Simon.Libraries has been confusing from the start.
  9. Hello Simon,I commented to your questions in Answer.I would just like to add, I have my gadgets back. Wasn't that hard if I just right clicked Desktop-Gadgets.Geez-I have been really confused since this error thing happened.I think I am trying to do too many things at the same time. Learning Geek...one day @ a time. Cheers Telse
  10. Hello Simon,I think I have my library folders problem sorted out-although I'm not sure if I resolved the problem correctly. The problem was that My Desktop link 'mysteriously' disappeared into my Pictures folders. Then to access my Desktop link I would have to go into my Pictures first. Made me crazy because I use this link the most. My downloads link disappeared too. When I would try and drag it out-it would want to link to Favorites, so I ended up having 5 Desktop links in Favorites.I got confused and frustrated.So this is when I decided to find a restore point when my links were the default locations.I did not havemany restore points to choose from, because I don't know how to create them. The restore point I chosesaid 'critical updates'-I picked that date because that is when I remember my default locations were OK.Now I'm thinking Geez-that was really stupid!To answer your question- No I can not get my gadgets back. Clock,Calender and the Windows Media Center.I wanted to go back and see if I could undo what I did,as you suggested.I can access my control panel,but some of the important links do not work now, such as; Action Center,Recovery,Uninstall Programs etc...So back to Libraries.Finally realizing that they are just links.I deleted them all. Then went into Users and then created a new Library. Now Desktop and Downloads is under Libraries.I think I recall Desktop being between Favorites and Libraries??- but at least I can access the link without having to go into Pictures,Docs. etc...Thank you for patience,help and listening to me ramble. By the way I think this site Rocks!Cheers Telse.
  11. Sorry - I meant a Windows CD never came with my HP laptop???I've only had my new PC a few months.
  12. Hello Simon. Thank you for responding to my question.This is what I was doing. My LIBRARIES DIRECTORY is somehow all messed up.I was finding a restore point.Then did it.Then got an error message.I don't have a windows CD. Nothing with my PC.(A few months ago.)Confused. Wishing I was GEEK! Cheers Telse
  13. Hello DW96.Thanks for responding.I already use Firefox and everything was up to date when I tried to comment the other day.Seems to be working today.Cheers.
  14. Hello Simon.Yes my comment was more than 10 characters long.If this doesn't work I'll try and comment as an answer.Thank you for the tip.
  15. Hi.Today is going from bad to worse.I have a an error 0x80040154 occurring.I tried to restore my PC to an earlier time and I now have this message. What does that mean? How can I fix it please. Some of my desktop gadgets that I have had for a long time have now disappeared. Thank you.
  16. Hello,I am trying to respond to an answer.I have typed my comment out twice and pressed comment, butit isn't acknowledged. What am I doing wrong???
  17. Hello,I recently thought I might try out the sticky note feature.After making quite a few sticky notes - I then thought Iwould archive them. They are archived alright! FORVER! I can't figure out how to retrieve them. Does anybody know? Stumped.Thank you, Telse
  18. Thank you for responding.I did try that.Everything seemed stuck.I have it working again.I discovered the up and down arrows on the keyboard enable autofill.Using these arrows and delete made the name disappear.Thank you Nauti.cheers Telse
  19. Thank you for your help.I am using Firefox.I am fairly new to the techworld and still find things confusing.I tried finding disable autofilland thought I had done so. Not.With a liitle more patience and more reading, I discovered that the up and down arrows enable autofill.SoI tried this-along with delete,and low and behold-gone.Amazing what a little patience will do.Thanks again for your help.I'm not sure how tovote.This is my first time here.I pressed the arrow-up.???cheers Telse.
  20. Hello. I am having a problem with login of one of my accounts.The problem is that when I type in my correct username, another name that is not correctkeeps replacing it.(I accidentally typed this name in awhile ago.)Now it seems to be there for ever. I have tried deleting,cutting and pasting. Nothing works.Can someone help me please.Thank you Telse.
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