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  1. I know that there are a few different exports (and manual backups) you can do that will ensure that you can get everything back, but I'm not certain about backing up just the directory structure.

    You can export it manually from the "File" menu, then "Import" (even for the export function). You can select to back up your calendar and contacts to the same PST file there.

    Your rules will not be backed up there, you'll have to back them up through the "Rules and Alerts" dialog box.

    The addresses that you've used in the past (your typedown list) will not be backed up either; that file is at C:\Users\User_Name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache\, with the name containing "Autocomplete" (the rest of the name can all be different, so I can't give you your exact filename).

    Hope this helps - sorry I don't have the exact answer for your question, but maybe this will help you out!

  2. If you can extract a single file from your backup, try this:

    Exit Outlook entirely.Make a backup copy of the current file at: C:Users {username} AppDataRoamingMicrosoftOutlook (Profile_Name).NK2 (spaces added to directory structure for display)

    Copy that file from your backup set to the same location on your new (current) installation.

    Restart Outlook, check that your typedown is working.

    Please let me know if this works!


  3. Silly questions - you sound like you know your stuff pretty well so let me know if any of the questions don't make sense, but maybe one of these will help point you in the right direction...

    Same workgroup name still, right?

    Are you pinging by name, or IP? Maybe flushdns?

    Anything in your 'hosts' files?

    Static, or dynamic IP's?

    Firewall exceptions?

    Home vs. Public network location?

    What OS's are you using?

    Let me know, I'll keep thinking about it.


  4. Are you using Exchange? If so...

    In Contacts, click Open Shared Contacts.Select another person's name from the address book.Click Ok.

    After you've added the list, you may need to add it to the list of contact lists to search. You can do that by pressing <ctrl>+<shift>+B, then clicking Tools, Options, and making sure that the other person's Contact List is in the list at the bottom of the window.

    Hope this helps!

  5. I agree with Dave, but with one caveat; if you're interested in learning, building a cheap one is a great experience. There's no way that I would recommend that a first time builder sink that much money into a decent gaming rig to learn how to build one... you could probably piece a halfway decent one together one for $350 or $400 (if you're not adverse to using Linux as an O/S - the price of Windows alone kicks the price up substantially). A good friend to help you with purchasing decisions (which motherboard, which drives, etc.) is very helpful too.

    Either way - good luck, and have fun with it!

  6. Not sure what information you're looking for as far as message options, but across the top of a new message, you should see "Message", "Insert", "Options" - click "Options".

    The far right hand group is "More Options", and in the bottom right hand corner of that group, you'll see a little down-right arrow... clicking that arrow will display the standard "Properties" window that you might be looking for (voting, message expiration, etc).

    If there's some feature in particular that you're looking for, we can help you find it - they moved a bunch of stuff around in Office 2010!

  7. Depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

    You can use a commercially available (or freeware) compression program such as Winzip, PK-zip, or 7-zip, and add that file to an archive, setting a password at the time of archive creation...

    It really depends on what you're trying to do. If you could be more specific, it might be easier to get you specific information.


  8. Randy,

    Depending on version... in 2010, you can right click on the group in your address book and choose Forward Contact as an Outlook Contact, then mail it to another user. You should be able to do something similar in older versions as well.

    If that doesn't work, you can always export your address book to a file, mail that file to another computer (or user), and import it from there.

    Do either of these sound like what you're looking to do? Please let me know if you need any additional help - I can give you click by click instructions on either method.

    I have verified through some quick testing that if one of the contacts within the group does not exist on the target PC, it still will not exist on the target PC; but you will be able to access the properties of the "missing" contact, simply by choosing that record within the group - if that makes any sense. You can then send that specific contact to yourself as an attached Outlook Contact, and pull it into your PAL from there... if you only need the Group itself, that's a couple of steps you can skip.

    Good Luck!Rick

  9. Here's an easy way, but it doesn't use the alt key... click your Start button and run the program CHARMAP (click by click depends on what version of Windows... 7 or Vista, you should be able to type it into the Windows search bar and run it from your results, XP you'll have to click on Start, Run)

    Choose the symbol you want to use, and click "Copy". Go to Facebook, right click in your post, and choose Paste.


  10. Is it possible to do a mail merge to selected users from the GAL in Outlook 07, from a user perspective?

    I'm on an Exchange system with 100,000+ users in the GAL (including groups, etc), but only ~500 that I could conceivably need to send these merge emails to (in my physical region), and I have no admin control over the GAL.

    Of those ~500 users, I need to be able to send personalized emails to ~50-100 each day to specific users. The ability to print out a log of the emails I sent would be helpful, but is outside the scope of this project (that was one of the reasons I was contemplating Access - update GAL import, re-run query of users in my physical location, enter list of users I need to send the email to, click one button that generates email to each user and creates/prints out the list of users who received the email). I've suspended my investigation of Access as a possible solution because my network administrator called me and told me my import was slowing down the network, after attempting to process the import for 20 minutes.

    I don't want to copy these users into my PAB, since changes are made every day to the GAL (with or without me needing to know about it), and keeping my PAB up to date would be an administrative nightmare.

    I can't use any add-ons for my Outlook, or install any additional software. I do have permissions to write macros and VBA code.

    Any thoughts?

  11. How are you capturing the associated information (email, salutation, first name, last name, etc)?

    If you're capturing it in Excel (or Access), you can always import it to your Personal Address Book (click by click instructions are different, depending on Outlook version), then create a mail merge within Outlook based on your Personal Address Book (using the link you posted).

    Hope this helps!

  12. C: is a protected drive name (for the most part), and you usually can't use that one.

    I don't see a reason that you couldn't create a directory somewhere on your C: drive (under your "My Documents" or someplace) and share it, then map a drive letter there using "Map a network drive" or

    net use drive_letter: \\computername\sharename

    What are you trying to accomplish?

  13. I don't know off the top of my head what a .pbd file is, but as an answer to your original question, CCleaner is one of the best registry cleaners I've found, and it's really free if you don't want to pay. You can download it from or the developer's web site,

    If you do try CCleaner, click the "Registry" button on the left hand side of the GUI, then click on "Scan for Issues" in the bottom center, and once it's found everything, click "Fix Issues" in the bottom right. You may have to scan and clean it a couple of times. The software will let you save backups before it cleans it up.

    Good luck!

    Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with any company related to either of the links provided, and am only posting these links based on personal experience with the software.