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    Outlook 2010 Emails

    Hi Medo, As far as I know this is not a built-in feature of Outlook. There are 3rd party addins available like Easy2Sync For Outlook. Haven't tried it myself but it has gotten pretty good reviews.
  2. Have a friend looking for a decent free Twitter app for Android that can be installed to SD. Any ideas? Thanks Sue
  3. SueJ

    Linking and embedding not enabled

    Same issue in this thread: Hope one of these fixes works for you. Sue
  4. This will help you out re.sending the results/entries to your inbox after you have filled out the form. "Get Form Data from Google Docs in an Email Message" - - good walkthrough here, complete with short video walthrough & the code to copy & paste When you say editable pdf - do you mean of the the values that where submitted or of the layout of the form. Sue
  5. Hi Beyond Life, Do you just want the results emailed to you (the creator) when the form is filled out or do you want the results to be emailed to the person who has filled out the form? Best Sue
  6. SueJ

    skydrive and MS office 2010

    The Share menu option in this guide (under File) is not visible/available in Office 2010 for me. I find the option to share under Save & Send.
  7. SueJ

    skydrive and MS office 2010

    Hi bhavard When you are ready to save your document, Click On File, Save & Send , Save to Web & then Sign in with your Windows Live ID to save document to Skydrive. Hope this helps Best Sue
  8. SueJ

    How to Import PDF to Excel

    Hi This may be of interest to you, it's not a plugin to MS Excel, but it does a very good job of converting PDF's to Excel while still preserving the formatting. (I have tried it myself ) If it a free tool from Nitro, which allows you to convert 1 Excel file at a time. You can also go Nitro Pro & convert all your files for about 120 dollars. Anyway here's the link to the free tool, hope it helps Best Sue
  9. Glad you got it working Telsa & that you can login again Best Sue
  10. Hi Telse Is it logging on to an account on the web? If so you can try & clear autofill. Which browser are you using? Best Sue
  11. SueJ

    An alternative to Offisync

    Thanks again. Much appreciated.
  12. Wondering if you knew of any good alternative to Offisync for Google Apps (plugin for Microsoft Office)? Since Offisync was bought up by Jive, it is no longer supported, and as we have occasional issues with Offisync, I feel it's time to move my team over to something else. I have tried Google's Cloud Connect, but it requires you to have file on your PC as well. I know... we are looking for the best of both worlds here Many Thanks Best Sue
  13. SueJ

    An alternative to Offisync

    Sorry, last comment should have read "Mac users"
  14. SueJ

    An alternative to Offisync

    Many thanks for the link. Will test this add-on now. Do you know if there is a similar add-on for Max users?
  15. SueJ

    An alternative to Offisync

    Last time Google made changes to its API, all members of my team could not access Google Docs via Offisync window. This was subsequently fixed by Offisync in an update. However one member of my team did not update at the time, & now when we try to push an update via plugin an exception is thrown re. error connecting to server. Offisync has from our experience always been a bit buggy, so we would now like to look at alternatives, while this software is still functional for most team members.