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  1. I agree with Dave.Buying a new system is the wiser choice for so many reasons.Use research when deciding on a computer.$1500 ought to buy you an awesome gaming rig,plus with the upgrades you can add your machine can be even better.Good luck on your search.
  2. Yes these are very complicated programs to put together,especially for a beginner like me.I found interest in these programs because I bought a couple of DOS games(I thought maybe they'd be compatible with Windows but they weren't),and I have a pile of Playstation 1 games collecting dust so I thought it would be cool to be able to play them on my PC.Didn't really know what I was getting into,now it's an obsession.I will look into MAME emulators to see if that helps,thanks for the tip.Just want you to know that I love this website for all my computer issues.It's a learning experience everyday for me.Thanks for all you do.
  3. Working with the ePSXe emulator and I think I have it pretty much set up except the graphics plugin that I am using won't work.The instructions say use Pete's Open GL2 PSX GPU video program but the emulator won't recognize it(will not configure).Am I using the right gpu program?If so,What's the problem.Any help in this matter will be truly appreciated.
  4. I recently picked up a playstation one emulator for my PC,and to make it work I need to dump the bios from my game console.From the inquiries I've made it's the only legal way to get this file(specifically the SCPH1001.bin file).That is,it's illegal to download it online.Is there a program or procedure to dump files from the game console?
  5. Easy answer to this problem.After much searching I found an easy way to accomplish this.After downloading the game into a folder bring up the files for the game,look for the file ending in ".exe, .com,or .bat".When found simply drag and drop onto the DOSbox icon.This automatically creates the file,thus allowing you to advance to the next step.
  6. I've been trying to create a virtual drive to install DOS games onto DOSbox.I created a file in my pictures library but DOSbox won't accept it,comes up as illegal command.Also,when typing a new folder name I can't add punctuation of any kind(I assume punctuation is part of the address).I think I'm getting used to how DOSbox itself works,it's just creating a file it will accept is the issue.I'm less than a novice at using a computer(didn't get my first one 'til I was 48)so all the help I receive in Groovypost has been a treat.Hope this explains my problem more clearly.Looking forward to any answers I receive.Thank You.
  7. I would like to know how to create a sub directory on my c drive and then copy files to this sub directory.Any help would be truly appreciated.
  8. I have recently downloaded DOSbox and I don't have a clue about the DOS operating system used years ago.What I can't figure out is how to download,from a CD/ROM,onto the DOSbox program(or into a folder that DOSbox can recognize.Do I just create a folder in one of my files?Please help!
  9. I have often asked and have received a variety of answers to this question,"How often,if at all, should I shut down my PC and will it keep my antivirus and utility programs from performing scheduled scans.
  10. Just wondering if anyone's running Microsoft Security Essentials and how this program rates.Am currently running PC Tools Spyware with Antivirus,a very good tool but is going to expire and I think it's too expensive.Also heard a lot of good things about AVG,but am interested mainly in the Microsoft.Any help about these two programs would be appreciated.
  11. Tried them straight out of the box,no luck.Apparently they aren't compatible with any of the Windows operating systems.They were made when "DOS"was the mainstream operating system.I discovered "DOSbox",an emulator program used for games designed for dos.It's quite complicated(unless your familiar with the dos operating system used before windows). Is there an easy way to configure DOSbox?
  12. Picked up these two simulation games on CD/ROM,one's called "Air Warrior",and the other is called "Combat Air Patrol".Air Warrior is from 1996 and was designed to run on an IBM 486 system.Combat Air Patol is from 1995 and also was designed to run on IBM.KESMAI Corp. and GT Interactive,respectively.Are these compatible with Windows 7?
  13. I have been using Iolo System Mechanic program for about a year.When it performs a registry defrag and compact I have to restart my PC.After this is done my PC is slow and sluggish for a while,but comes out of it after a while.This is very annoying as it requires a restart almost everyday.What's the reason and is it really necessary?
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