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  1. All you need to do is open your browser and clear all cookies and temp files. From there you can goto Facebook and create a new login without issues.

    Be sure to use a new email and you are done.

    Just remember 1 thing. Facebook will send you emails from your old account telling you to come back to the account being deleted. Be sure not to open those emails by accident.


    Thanks for your help everyone! The ISP should be no problem I think cause several people in one household may have each their own FB pages. I'll keep an eye out also for those emails.Thanks to all again!

  2. Ok, I'll start with this - I have already started the process of total FB account deletion, and am within the 14 day waiting period before it happens for good.Here's the problem...I don't want to leave Facebook! ...and I know I could just wait the 14 days instead of the question below.The fact is - I want to delete my account completely because of someone in particular, and just feel it's better to start over instead of simple deactivation and coming back later - just to be rid of my person problems - that's what this is all about.That's the story, now THE QUESTION: If I go to the facebook.com site page and sign up to make an account (just as if this was my first time), and use a different email address - will this in any way 'disturb' or 'wake' my old account from it's 14 day period. I'm hoping it would remain undisturbed and continue it's 14 days WHILE I'm happily using my new account! ANY HELP GREATLY APPRECIATED! THANKS :)

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