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  1. Spookily enough, the problem cured itself without any intervention. Just for the fun of it, I tried opening iCloud on my PC by clicking the shortcut on my desktop one more time. The iCloud Control Panel opened,and the iCloud icon re-appeared in the dock, and new photos from photostream were added. I needed to use Task Manager to close the iCloud Control Panel but otherwise everything appears to work fine.
  2. I installed iCloud on my Windows Vista PC and activated Photo Stream. It worked fine.Then I hit a problem updating to the latest version of iTunes that corrupted the application so I uninstalled both iTunes and iCloud and re-installed them. iTunes is now ok. iCloud appears to be ok but obviously isn't because double clicking on its icon in Control Panel doesn't open the iCloud panel and no further photos have been pushed down from the cloud. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it a couple of times but the result is the same - the iCloud Control Panel looks like it is trying to start to open but gives up within a second. Any suggestions will be gratefully received.