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  1. I am unable to submit a podcast to iTunes. When I test the URL by going to the Subscribe to Podcast link under the iTunes Advanced setting I get this message: "(my link) does not seem to be a valid Podcast URL." The link goes directly to the audio file, so I know it is a valid link. Does anyone know what determines a valid Podcast link for iTunes (i.e., length of the URL, format, use of special characters, etc.)?

    In advance, thank you for any help.

  2. Recently at work I needed to test someone's Outlook profile and so added it to my own. I have since deleted the profile, but now when I open Outlook, the deleted profile logon still comes up as an option. I tried clearing cache, but the option remains. Any help will be gratefully appreciated.


    I have just one profile. There was a second I was testing, and I removed it as you indicated. But when I open Outlook, the second profile's logon shows up and I have to click on Use Other Account to access my profile (which is the only one that appears in Show profiles.

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