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    Icloud Photo Stream

    I have been taking pictures with my Iphone 4s and some photos end up on my "Photo Stream" and others end up on my "Camera Roll" or i guess on both not really sure, but that besides the fact. I am able to delete my photos off my "Camera Roll" with no problem, but my problem is that I have some useless screen shoot images that I sent to friends that I no longer want and somehow the image was stored on "Photo Stream" and I can't seam to delete them off my "Iphone" or "Iphoto" under "Photo Stream". I have a MacBook Pro running OSX Lion which is synced with my "Iphone" threw "Icloud" with the latest updates of "Itunes" and "Iphoto". I have grabbed the actual image under "Photo Stream" on "Iphoto" and dragged it to the "Iphoto" trash but that wouldn't let me put it there. I then dragged it to the trash can on my dock and emptied the trash, at first this didn't seam to work since I'm able to see the photo in "Photo Stream" in "Iphoto", but as i go to click on the image to open it full screen it says it has been deleted. (). That's great and all but I can still see a preview of the image and it's still stored on my phone. I have also tried under"Iphoto" going to "info" on the image i wanted to delete and tried to change the date but I wasn't able to edit the date. I also "Iphoto" trashed the images under my "Photos"in the "Photo Stream album" it made and that deleted easily, but this doesn't solve the problem of the images in my "Photo Stream". The last thing I tried on my "Iphone" was to "save to camera roll" then deleting it again off the "Camera Roll", but it's still stored under "Photo Stream". I have herd that I can go into "Icloud" and "Reset Photo Stream", but that doesn't sound like what I want to do. I just want to delete individual images off my "Photo Stream" not all of them. I restated my "Iphone","Iphoto" and my MacBook after all this was done and both trash cans,"Iphoto" and my "doc" trash can, are both empty. Did any one have the same problem and figure it out, if so please help this is really frustrating!?!?!?