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  1. What are you planning on doing with it? Backing up? Just storing documents? Streaming music or hosting stuff? Do you allready have a usb hdd? Or are you planning on buying one? Maybe you should think of buying a NAS. You can connect a NAS to your modem and let it be part of your network. Every pc in the network can reach the NAS and work with it. And if you buy a NAS with more then one bay, you can use it in Raid and backup. I own a Synology DS-110j and I have two laptops, a pc and two Samsung Galaxy that can work with it over wifi. I can even reach the NAS over the internet, no matter what pc im on.

    Using a NAS isnt realy backing up. For realy truly backing up you should follow these rules: http://www.taobackup.com/


    Hi Beyond_Life,

    Thanks for your response and especially the useful link provided. After a hard drive failure I wanted to ensure that losing data would be a thing of the past. Hence I bought a 1tb external usb hard drive thinking that I could transfer data from my laptop and my desktop pc all in the one go. This is possible but I would have to backup each computer seperately, connecting and disconnecting the usb lead as required. I thought there might have been a usb switch which would allow me to do this, but I believe that this is not possible. I will definitely look into NAS option and the Synology DS-110j.

    Thanks, Ziggy.

  2. Hope this may help as I had a similar issue when my Hard Drive died.

    Prior to the drive crashing I copied all my data documents onto a external drive, so no problem there.

    But what I was missing were all my emails from Mozilla Thunderbird. Luckily I also copied over the contents of the hidden folder User/Application Data - Local, Local Low, and Roaming. (To show hidden folders go to Windows Explorer, folder view, and click "show hidden folders").

    If you can access that folder you'll be surprised to see what you can find! If you can access this folder from your old drive, simply copy it over (good idea to put it into a folder and name it, for example, old application data) and then click on all the folders there to see what you can recover.

    Thunderbird emails are located in Roaming/Thunderbird/Mail. To copy the emails back over to your new hard drive, find the same folder on your new drive and simply drag the .msi and corresponding files over to your new drive into that folder where your new profile has been created. For example, amazon and amazon.msi will recreate your amazon folder and your amazon email. Not too sure of the procedure for Outlook, but if you search the net I'm sure you will find an answer.

    Good luck. Ziggy...

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