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  1. yes i watch everything through my tv using the HDMI port. dvds to files on a flash drive (things ive downloaded) ive never had any problems playing these, but when it came to the blu-ray disc it just wouldnt play on my tv but would if i watched it on my laptop so i know there nothing wrong with the bd rom drive thanks for your advice i will try this. EDIT: tried that but didnt get anything from it system properties: Vista premium 32 bit, 4gb ram, 350gb HDD, ATI radeon hd3650, if that helps
  2. my laptop is having problems playing blu ray movies through my tv, ive used downloaded movies/tv programs and normal dvds and they worked fine on my tv via the hdmi port but i tried to play final destination 4 through my tv and it wouldnt play, a msg popped up and said i didnt have the right graphics drivers but when i checked them it said they were up to date . but it works on the laptop itself. i have to use the acer deluxe player does anyone know how to solve this problem?
  3. leej

    windows defender

    thank you for the replay again i tried to type in gpedit.msc but didnt get anything from that not sure why is there any other way? and i have read on other forums that if you have avg 9 it does conflict with windows defender and will turn it off is this true?
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    windows defender

    thank you for your response when i got the laptop the OS had to be re installed (always the case when getting a new laptop) but the person must of done it again the laptop is my wifes and she has her name next to computer name and full computer name but it does have 'WORKGROUP' next to workgroup which she didnt put there hope this helps EDIT: what is weird is that i have the same settings as stated above and i can turn my defender on/off but she cant. she is classed as the administrator there is no other users on the laptop i have read on the help menu and it says something about MMC 3.0. is where i can disable the group policy but it only has MMC and no option to disable the group policy on there EDIT 2: when i went into services i tried to turn defender on there but i did find group policy client when i right clicked and went to properties a pop-up came up with 4 tabs with a location (path to executable) C:\windows\system32\sychost.exe - k GPSvcGroup when i searched for it on the laptop i didnt find anything all i need is to change the setting on the group policy but cant seem to do this thank you
  5. hi i have read most of the topics about windows defender on these forums but cant find what i need! i cant access the windows defender page when i try to turn it on a pop-up comes up saying this WINDOWS DEFENDER IS TURNED OFF BY GROUP POLICY windows defender won't provide protection against harmful or potential unwanted software and it won't send you alerts because its turned off to help protect your computer against harmful or potentially unwanted software, contact your system administrator to enable windows defender via group policy CLOSE that is what's on the pop-up when i press close i get nothing i have an acer laptop with windows vista sp1 i just got from ebay, how would i go about sorting this problem thank you lee