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  1. Is there a method to purge the printer lines of ink so one can store the printer for an extended period of time. I know printers are cheap but this particular unit fits a space and is easy to use so I want to keep it. This unit is an HP 1056.
  2. If you must do something, confront you mother and tell her you know about her indiscretions. Do not threaten her by saying you're going to tell your dad. You don't know the whole situation. Most likely your dad is aware of your moms actions. They both love you. Don't cause this to put a wedge between the love they have for you. Stay out of things that are not your business.
  3. Found this site.http://www.printableflyertemplates.net/
  4. Sam, You're playing into their hands. Why so important that you know who? Is it affecting your day to day life with others? If its that necessary to know who then go to the authorities and contact your ISP. They are getting the reaction from you that they want. And they will continue until you decide its not important. PS...The short answer is NO you can't find out who it is. That's the whole point of those kinds of services.
  5. OK. This is how it's done.(I'm using Word 2007, but it makes no difference what version) Select page paper size and format the margins to use the minimum. Using the Insert Text box, make a text box with your phone number or text as you prefer. Size the box in a vertical position. Right click the box and choose Format Text Box. Go to Layout tab and high light In Front Of Text, select Advance De-select Move object with text. Choose Line - dashed Move the box to bottom left corner of page (be sure to stay with-in the margins). Select box and right click to copy. Paste. Do this as many times as
  6. I respectfully have to dis-agree with DW96. I have made many templates with vertical dashes. This is not a very hard template to make. You just need to decide on a format and stick with it (there are several methods to use). Over the next several days I'll work on a template (and instructions)and give it to you if you want. The hard part is writing out instructions to use it without making it too hard to understand.
  7. Deleting these oem programs will not void your warranty
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