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  1. thank you so much. I've put the screen shot up and hope I did it alright. I followed the 'how to take a screenshot' instructions. Easier than baking a cake!
  2. hello everyone, here is the screen shot. Startup Items Screenshot I've taken the list from Winpatrol. Or is there a more comprehensive list on the computer somewhere? GrooveDexter, I hope you can do something from this. You'll see that I've 'disabled' lots of things. Many thanks from your competent and generous help! Liz
  3. Hi again, I tried the system restore, back to yesterday, and that was a good solution. I think the last of jv16 is gone and things are back to normal. Now I'm removing start-up things one by one with that little doggy winpatrol. So far the computer is still working but a few questionable items are still there: Intel extreme graphics for mobile, a yellow shield that has to do with updates, a useless symbol that tells me again and again that I have no wireless connection...I think I could keep on disabling them piecemeal and testing with restart till it's empty.
  4. Hi Steve, thank you for the prompt answer. Tell me, if you use the system restore, is everything that you have changed or downloaded since the date point you choose then lost and gone forever? Or is it hovering around somewhere in the computer still influencing what goes on? Sorry for my non-technical language.... Liz
  5. hi MrGroove, thanks for your answer to my ? about deleting startup items. I'm not sure how to reply to you so I'll do it like this. I tried out the suggestion from the other member and installed jv16 powertools 2011. Then my computer got into an awful mess! It's still messed up. The program won't fully delete and I got a square hole in the middle of the screen. Using task manager, I got more of the program away, but there's still something left. Can you advise? And is this the proper way to communicate with you?
  6. Hello! I recently tried to follow the instructions in the article 'how to disable startup programs in windows...'. The process seemed to work until after the re-start when I got a serious looking message that basically told me to reinstate everything to a previous date point to avoid damaging the computer. Well I did that because I'm insecure about the inner mysteries of the computer, but would still like to get rid of automatic start-up of my photo programs and other things. So what is really necessary in the start-up and how do I bypass the rather demanding order to re-instate everything after I've unticked the things I think are not needed? Thank you all in advance for your help. My operating system is Windows XP. Liz