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  1. Thank you MrGroove. All the notes on iBackupBot/iCopyBot this seems to be the only answer. MikeD
  2. Thanks groovinJackman. At this stage I not comfortable with jailbreaking the iPad. Just don't know enough. MikeD
  3. Hi ShockerSH - when creating or replying to email,completing address and you enter the first letter there is a dropdown of address from which to select. In this area it also keeps replied to address not just contacts. I have cleared them on the gmail accounts via the internet (PC), however when using the email on the iPad the old references keep appearing but not on the gmail account via the internet. I mention there are 2 gmail accounts only because my partner and I have one each and they can be both current on iPad email inbox. MikeD
  4. How do I clear iPad email dropdown contact history? Inuse is 2 gmail accounts loging on using windows I have cleared contact history, but not actual contacts.MikeD
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