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  1. I like it however I think you need a link back to the original site as well.
  2. Keep things simple. Buy a new card and sell the old one. Done and done. That being said, I really don't understand what all this means.
  3. Why do you want to take screenshots? It's a phone. Read email, play games and call people. It's a phone
  4. I'm always scared to go AMD. It seems like you get what you pay for.... so I go Intel as I always believe to pay a little more to get quality.
  5. @beyond_life Nice blog. I think I'll try out wordpress to start. More options I think if I ever want to take it solo. @mrgroove from what I can tell, there is no way to self-host google blogger blogs correct?
  6. Sorry to do this to you but, when I read the answer here: http://answers.groovypost.com/questions/56/what-is-the-best-free-blogging-platform-for-a-new-blogger/58 I have no idea what you mean when you say "Self-Hosted" Wordpress blog vs. Wordpress.com blog. Aren't they the same thing?
  7. So there's a million choices out there and I'm a little confused. What is the best FREE option if I want to start blogging?
  8. You cant take screenshots on Windows Phone 7? Are you kidding me?
  9. So I'm a Windows person and I just got a MAC and for the life of me I cant figure out how-to edit my local hosts file so I can hit my local test web server. Who can help me? I'm running MAC OS X 10.6.7 Thanks!