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  1. In Gmail's Settings menu (General tab) find Signature. It allows you to insert an image or/and a URL. You can only import an image via a URL, so you should upload it to an image hosting service beforehand (e.g. ImageShack).
  2. Hi Sue, Try TweetCaster. It installs to SD just fine.
  3. If you mean what I think you mean, you can just add it to your page's favorites and it will show up on the left side of the page. Just click "Add to My Page's Favourites" (left column, down).
  4. This actually happened to me a while ago, but it was after switching video cards with a new, more powerful one. The cause was the power supply (it was a crappy one). After switching to a better one, the problems stopped.
  5. No, you definitely can't. Outlook is Microsoft proprietary software and, since Chromebooks mostly run things in Google Chrome, you'll probably be stuck with Gmail. But then, you can always use Gmail as an email client.
  6. The answer is definitely no but, as most people said here, you will most certainly find versions for them on both platforms (at least for the important apps). And transferring purchases is impossible, since Android Market and Apple App Store are (way) different entities.
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