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  1. I hate it. It's like someone stole my hood ornament and replaced it with a polaroid of my grandma giving me the finger.
  2. Taht is helpful I know how to do that but I want it so that when i open google docs it automatically shows starred documents without me having to click that
  3. I like launching Google Docs as a pinned application, like you showed us how to do in this tutorial: http://www.groovypost.com/howto/how-to/pin-websites-chrome/ But I want it to show my starred docs first, not just my HOME folder. There's no settings in Google Docs for that, is there? I looked but can't find one.
  4. I think it's important to pay attention which version of android it runs before buying. There's 1.6, 2.4 3.0 etc. Huge difference!
  5. There's an option to "paste special" in Word, but i don't see it in google docs? Really annoying that when I try to paste it ends up in glittering blink h2 font
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