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  1. is nice and clean and free and very user-friendly. Plus, once you get more advanced, it's an easier transition to The only downside of is that its restrictive in terms of widgets, advertising and custom themes. is very, very easy. Lots of themes, lots of widgets and you can integrate analytics and advertising right out of the box with a single click. Very social-able, too--easy to have people follow you and follow others. Plus, it's Google, so it's good. I haven't really used any other platform extensively. Typepad is notable, but never tried it.
  2. Hey, Martin's earlier question inspired one of my own --how do you get screen captures in windows phone 7? Doesn't seem tobe anyway to do this natively, but is there a hack?
  3. You live in Pennsylvania, right? has a grocery list thinggy.
  4. Go to and click REQUEST AN INVITATION Then, pray three times a day towards the direction of Mountain View, California, cancel your Amazon Cloud account and delete iTunes from your computer. J/k on the last bit
  5. I'm freaked out by the Facebook face tagging suggestions. I don't want Facebook to know my face! Is there a way to disable this or should I just quit the Internet?
  6. You should also try Spiffy. It lets you use up to 5 accounts.