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  1. Stack overflow errors are caused by programs not managing their allocated memory correctly.

    It might be that the program failed to allocate enough memory in the first place or it might try to put too much data into its allocated memory. Either way the stack of data is too big to fit so it’s known as an overflow error.

    The most common reason I have seen for this happening is poorly written software i.e. bugs in the software, although it’s also possible that software could become damaged for whatever reason, stopping it from being able to correctly manage the memory.

    To fix it you need to narrow down what piece of software is causing the stack overflow. Then you can either update the software which will hopefully take care of any bugs, reinstall it which would take care of any damaged files or remove the software altogether.

    To help narrow down the bad software

    Did you install any new software around the same time that this started happening.

    What program (including version number) are you using when you get the overflow error.

    What is the specific message that you get when the overflow occurs.

    If it happens when using a web browser does it happen when you visit specific web pages.


    Wow, nice.

  2. Connect your kindle fire with a cable to your computer and make sure it’s switched on. Then drag and drop the music files into the folder monitored by itunes.

    Once the music files are on your computer in the correct folder itunes will add them to its library.

    If you don’t have a cable you could upload the music files onto an online service such as skydrive, dropbox etc, then download them onto your computer.

    You can also transfer from itunes to kindle fire in the same way.

    There is also a service called Amazon cloud which will scan your computer for music files,and upload them for you ready to use on your kindle fire.


    +1 ;) worked for me.

  3. If you have a Microsoft exchange account then you can follow the advice above.

    If you use Outlook at home and don't have an exchange account then you can still retrieve emails after they have have been deleted from the deleted items folder.

    This is because when you delete emails from the deleted Items folder, they disappear from outlook but are still stored in your PST file. Its a bit like when you delete a file from your computer but its still actually stored on your hard drive until it is overwritten.

    This is why Outlook needs to periodically compact the PST file to regain the space taken up by deleted items.

    If the PST file has not been compacted since you deleted the emails from the deleted folder then you can retrieve them by corrupting the PST file and recovering the email using SCANPST

    Here is guide with step by step instructions on how to do this and I would always backup the pst file by copying it to another folder before trying this.



    Simon has it right. I've used this tip from the groovypost forum before.

    As Simon mentioned, they are stored in the PST file because the file is just a database and as long as you've not compacted it, you can still get to the files using SCANPST after you've corrupted the PST file. It sounds scary but it really does work. I've done it. ;)

  4. When I try to go to Yahoo.com, I get a page that says, "No site configured for this address." It doesn't matter how I try to get to Yahoo I always get the same message. I am running Win7 Home Premium. I haven't added any programs. I ran a full Zone Alarm scan and got no infection reports.

    Any suggestions on how to find the problem and resolve it?


    And you can goto every other site on the net? Google? CNN.com? groovypost.com (obviously).?

  5. Seeing that you posted this tells me you find a PC with network access so that's cool. Here's a few ideas.

    On the University network, disable and re-enable your network adapter. After that, try to goto a command window and use the command -- ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew

    That should release the IP from the school and get a new one.

    With the new IP address, try to get to the internet. Still not working? Then go back to the command window and type:

    ipconfig /all

    This will list for you the IP address you were assigned and the DNS and Gateway. Try to PING your gateway. Does it work? Try to ping your DNS servers.

    If you can ping everything then it's probably the IT guys at the school who are blocking you at the gateway. Will need to wait for them....


    So yeah. If you're not getting an IP address, a valid gateway and DNS server there is something wrong with your network card, the cord or the DHCP server managed by your IT guys.

    Swap the cable, swap the PC, play around until you figure out where the fault it.

  6. You can only set 3 conditions but to work around this

    First, when you format the cells to Dollars choose the option to have negative numbers in red, this takes care of the amounts less than $0.

    Next use conditional formatting for $0 to $100, $101 to $250 and $251 to $500

    All that’s left is amounts over $500 so select all the cells in the column and in the fonts group on the home tab select green for font colour. Any cells not matching the conditional formatting criteria will now have green text, In this case that will be those amounts over $500.


    Great Answer - you got my vote. ;)

  7. iTunes has never failed me. If an update is possible, iTunes will tell you when you plug it in that an update is available and do you want to download and install or just download and install later.

    Perhaps you can hack it and get it on however that would be pretty risky and I would REALLY HIGHLY advise against it since the new code might not be compatible with the device (99% sure).


  8. Using DosBox is pretty simple if you understand how it works.

    First thing you should do is copy the files from the CD/ROM onto your hard drive. To make it simple, create a sub directory on you C: drive called c:cdstuff and copy all the files into that folder you want to access from DosBox.

    Now, launch DOSBOX and mount the folder using the following command:

    mount c c:\cdstuff\

    Using that command you should now have a C drive in Dosbox with the files in the CDSTUFF folder.

    There ya go! Should be all good!

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