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  1. I think you can use Google Cloud printing. Here is more info - http://www.google.com/cloudprint/learn/
  2. Snagit lets you configure any hotkey you want to use so that way you an still use PrintScreen button for something else you want. For example, I set CTRL+ALT+PRINTSCREEN to use with Snagit and it works great. And yes, it copied it to your clipboard when done.
  3. OK, this is a funny question I know but, I can't find it anywhere. I just re-installed Quicken 2012 and I'm missing the sounds when I enter stuff into the register.
  4. I've found Google Picasa to work really really well for facial tagging and you don't need to upload the tags to Google Picasa Web Albums either. Safe, accurate and very easy!
  5. And the best way to add NEW SOFTWARE to your new system is to just use this freeware App - http://ninite.com/ Works great!
  6. I used groovybox in the past however I think dropbox killed the functionality it used to run scripts in the public folder. Not sure... GroovyPost dudes???
  7. All the latest versions of Microsoft office allow you to save word and excel documents as PDF files. My advice is to just copy the image into a word document and save it as a PDF. http://www.groovypost.com/howto/word-excel-2013-save-to-pdf-password-protect-documents/ You can also use tools like Snagit which does the same thing I think. -JJ
  8. Yeah I think this only works if you have Microsoft exchange running vs. running outlook at home where you have everything in PST files.
  9. Simon has it right. I've used this tip from the groovypost forum before. As Simon mentioned, they are stored in the PST file because the file is just a database and as long as you've not compacted it, you can still get to the files using SCANPST after you've corrupted the PST file. It sounds scary but it really does work. I've done it.
  10. I've install the Office 2013 Preview and I can't get Google Apps Sync to work with Outlook 2013. Works great with Windows 8 and Outlook 2010 but 2013... Nata. Anyone play with this yet and get it to work? Thanks -JJ
  11. And you can goto every other site on the net? Google? CNN.com? groovypost.com (obviously).?
  12. So yeah. If you're not getting an IP address, a valid gateway and DNS server there is something wrong with your network card, the cord or the DHCP server managed by your IT guys. Swap the cable, swap the PC, play around until you figure out where the fault it.
  13. My vote is the Eagle Tech ET-AR504LR-BK 2.1 I bought a pair and they are great. I don't like how the cables are a little short however the speakers overall are great for the price. Under $100 and for a small room they do just fine.
  14. iTunes has never failed me. If an update is possible, iTunes will tell you when you plug it in that an update is available and do you want to download and install or just download and install later. Perhaps you can hack it and get it on however that would be pretty risky and I would REALLY HIGHLY advise against it since the new code might not be compatible with the device (99% sure). Sorry...
  15. Hi Shannon. There is not a windows snipping tool on Windows XP. The snipping tool was introduced for the first time with Windows Vista. Windows 7 also has it. Sorry!
  16. I've been using Excel a long time and I'm certain this is not possible. It's not possible without installing a 3rd party tool which would do this for you. Sorry Mark.
  17. Using DosBox is pretty simple if you understand how it works. First thing you should do is copy the files from the CD/ROM onto your hard drive. To make it simple, create a sub directory on you C: drive called c:cdstuff and copy all the files into that folder you want to access from DosBox. Now, launch DOSBOX and mount the folder using the following command: mount c c:\cdstuff\ Using that command you should now have a C drive in Dosbox with the files in the CDSTUFF folder. There ya go! Should be all good!
  18. I've used Excel 2011 for MAC and Excel 2010 and using either, you can easily do a file save-as into PDF format. Saving is built into Excel. I don't however think there is anyway to import from PDF into Excel. They are way different and Excel would have no way of knowing how to import into a cell based format. That's my 2 cents anyway
  19. Well I have no idea. Sounds like a brand of shampoo if you ask me. But here's what I stole from the internet: Sandy Bridge is the codename for aprocessor microarchitecture developedby Intel. Targeting the 32 nm process,development began in 2005 at Intel'sIsrael Development Center in Haifa.The codename for this architecture wasrenamed from "Gesher" (which means"bridge" in Hebrew).[1] Sandy BridgeProcessors are marketed as 2ndgeneration Intel Core processors.Processors based on this architecturewere announced on January 3, 2011, andfirst released on January 9, 2011. Aninitial preview of a Sandy Bridgeprocessor, with A1 stepping at 2 GHz,was shown at the Intel Developer Forumin 2009. Hope that helps.
  20. I think the Forum is really hard to use for newbies like me. I never did install an account in there even though I went in there from time to time. Just to confusing. Answers however is simple and it's just a day old and I already have an account (I used my facebook account) and here I am posting stuff saying hello to the community! So I say good job, I like it.
  21. Ok well thanks. Bummer.... I was hoping I could find one from someone. Ok Thanks. I'll put my name on the list.