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  1. How do I knw what my friends have plus one'd on Google? Does it show up on Facebook or what?
  2. I hate the snooze button on iPhone. I always hit it on accident and then the alarm goes off when I'm already awake. Also, is there a way to CANCEL snooze?
  3. Whenever I email pictures from Picasa, they always end up getting massively resized. This is VERY annoying because I want to be able to PRINT these pictures after emailing them. Any clues?
  4. grettawallace

    Can I run outlook on a chromebook?

    A 4g chromebook seems perfect for work/travel. But can you use Outlook? It has aDifferent operating system and everything is web based. So how am I supposed to access allThe things I need?
  5. grettawallace

    How do I change my picture?

    Hi Paige - go to and upload a gravatar for the email address you used to register for the site. You have to make it rated G though or it won't show up!
  6. grettawallace

    Is it cheaper to buy an Ubuntu box?

    Wait, can you explain why what hutsirmagus said is wrong? I have Comcast, but I want to get on the Internet with my computer no matter what.
  7. How much money will I save by choosing a computer with Linux Pre-installed vs one with Windows 7? Is it worth it?
  8. thanks for the ti pbut i prefer to use official google software
  9. I have a Google Apps account and a regular Gmail account. I want to have Gmail notifier watch both inboxes. Is there a way to do this without merging my inboxes (e.g. forwarding the emails from one to the other?)