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  1. My Windows 10 START button shows an alphabetical listing of programs on my PC, but some are missing - how come? Is there a way for Win 10 to display ALL of my executable files (including any that I've downloaded and installed) ? For example, my vlc.exe program (from VIDEOLAN) is not under the "V" listing as I'd expected.
  2. Two Questions: ========= 1) I'm trying to clone my HDD to one of many partitions that I have created on it. However, Macrium Reflect seems to be preventing me from doing so . I've allocated plenty of space so that is not the problem. I'm beginning to wonder if cloning cannot be done to an HDD that has been partitioned? 2) If I image (not clone) an HDD and choose the Macrium Reflect incremental image option, are the files created by the daily increment readable to Windows? i.e., if I wanted to restore a particular file for a particular day, can I just go to that day's incremental file a
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