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  1. it would be nicer for getting more informative answer..
  2. this the password changing in Windows 7 stopped Nox Vidmate VLC working. It behaved exactly like you describe above.
  3. Im running it with 64 gigs atm, and it works like sunshine on my Toshiba laptop.
  4. took the drive out of the external enclosure and just installed it into my computer in the spare Hard Drive bay. To this day, it purs like a kitten. its been my experience that when you flash the firmware on a hard drive, you will lose all your data. I just did this on one of my Samsung drives a few months ago. So be "very" careful! https://showbox.bio/ https://jfi.uno/jiofilocalhtml https://adminlogin.co/tplinklogin/
  5. Whats the name? When did it appear?
  6. it's impossible to answer your question. If you want an Speed Test answer then please take the time to set out your problem with as much detail as possible. People trying to answer your question are not mind readers.
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