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  1. Hello to all. I have been trying to get to learn the Office Scripts that are supposed to be replacing, or at least providing users with control facilities alongside VBA. BUT - it seems that single system user, and small businesses are not allowed to use - or even access the new facility enough to learn it. Does anyone know why Microsoft have set the facility to only be accessible to large corporate users - as in with an E3 or an E5 licence ? Or, does anyone know of a way that home users can learn the facility well enough to get a job setting the facilities up at a corporate site? Or, can anyone ask someone in an appropriate level of authority within Microsoft for an answer, or maybe to allow all Microsoft 265 users to get access to learn the facility. I learnt VBA as a home user, and then provided Office service facilities with VBA to control data input, and manage the corporate processes. something that was welcomed by the IT and the users - as it eased their work and reduced problems enormously.
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