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  1. @Steve, Thanks for your efforts. I contacted Dell and got the answer. I post here so everyone can profit the solution: https://www.dell.com/support/article/pt-br/sln301036/windows-10-install-with-nvme-ssd-and-sata-drives?lang=en Best regards, Jacques
  2. Gigabyte SSD NVMe M2 2280, from the title, also it´s a 512 Gb which I forgot to say. Laptopp Inspiron i5 114" ref 7742 Yes and it shows under Device Manager but it says DIsk.inf ( driver)is ok but the stick "isn´t rcompletely egistered" Something like "device not migrated" or alike. No records for the exact message as the laptop died... until it was ressurected with the ols Sata. Message is as above "device not migrated" DId it three times.
  3. How did it comes that my computer has no driver other than Microsoft´s JUn 21st 2006 version 10.0.18362.1 and doesn´t register as a "ready disk" even if I full mirror my SAta? GPT and all the stuff...I´m lost (and devasted, too)! Using Windows 10 Pro 1909 version By the way can´t post my file because I got such a mess on my computer till I was able to bring my note from dead to alive,,, More, the NVMe is btrand new abd has never been touched on the contact area.
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