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  1. An AD attribute? Does that have to do with attributes assigned to a particular file?
  2. No, they won't. They have already released RC1 to MSDN subscribers.
  3. I'm wondering if they will come out with another beta, an update or maybe even an RC before they actually release it so we can see if they updated any of this. (fixed I mean)
  4. Well that's crazy. Have you reported it to Microsoft? I have been using Outlook 2010 Beta on my Office Exchange Server and have never noticed this. I can only assume it might have something to do with Outlook 2010 trying to connect to an old Exchange server?
  5. Vadim you dork. The disqus is the main comment system on the site. If you would comment more dude perhaps you would know that. LOL U know I live ya. lol, how do you live someone? (J/k )
  6. I use IE.. But I find this type of things happens on two sites: a) Digg.com (logs me out ambiguously at any given time when going through multiple articles) and b) Disqus Not sure how to relate them though.
  7. Well.. I like Disqus actually. It's used on a lot of other websites I use, so it makes things easier for me. I just don't know if I've noticed this on the other sites or not, most likely because I don't jump from post to post like I do on here sometimes. Do you know if loggin in everything to Disqus per post is because of Disqus?
  8. I was just wondering if anybody else has to login every time they want to post a comment or not? It seems that if I go to a new page, then I have to re-login to Disqus in order to post a comment. Is this how it should be working? Thanks!