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  1. I used the HEX editor built into Notepad++. Worked like a charm once I found a version of it that I could get the Hex Editor plugin to work in.
  2. I download an image to my temporary Internet folder. To open and view the image, my browser needs to stay open, but as soon as I close it the file will be deleted.
  3. Very VERY nice find! I'm gonna have to use that. My users at work somethings nuke things from the dumpter bin cause they know the email will be unrecoverable once they do that.
  4. I never said it is impossible. What I am trying to say is that if I had to do such a thing, Microsoft Word would not be my number 1 choice.
  5. problem is when this 2nd mailbox receives emails, after 10 minutes the email moves from this 2nd mailbox and it ends up in the primary exchange default mailbox all by itself. No idea why it does this automatically. Any ideas?
  6. You could open a new clean mail and drag the file to the email. But Im guessing you want a faster way ofc
  7. You can transfer mailbox content from one PST file into new multiple PST files. There's no need to use any 3rd party tool for this
  8. I`m on Windows XP Home Edition-Outlook 2007-pop/smtp account. Do I still have to have the account at Microsoft Exchange to get the option of “recover deleted items” using Steve`s ideas? Terry
  9. That way it will sync on both systems unless you nuke it from the delete items folder.
  10. I was almost in tears today to have crossword solver sip calculator epfo lost my unsaved file...Thanks so muchhhhhh for this wonderful solution...
  11. i would guess nothing really ever gets deleted, it just gets removed until you compress your .pst file using the tools interface.
  12. That is the first I am looking forward to changing. How bright is the default? Can't believe there is no other theme. Are you guys using this seriously?
  13. Hi Jas - groovydude has it right. sounds like you need to crack the whip on your IT guys at your univ.
  14. You cant lock the screen with a shortcut key in Windows 7 (not out of the box anyway).