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  1. I`m on Windows XP Home Edition-Outlook 2007-pop/smtp account. Do I still have to have the account at Microsoft Exchange to get the option of “recover deleted items” using Steve`s ideas? Terry
  2. That way it will sync on both systems unless you nuke it from the delete items folder.
  3. I was almost in tears today to have crossword solver sip calculator epfo lost my unsaved file...Thanks so muchhhhhh for this wonderful solution...
  4. i would guess nothing really ever gets deleted, it just gets removed until you compress your .pst file using the tools interface.
  5. That is the first I am looking forward to changing. How bright is the default? Can't believe there is no other theme. Are you guys using this seriously?
  6. Hi Jas - groovydude has it right. sounds like you need to crack the whip on your IT guys at your univ.
  7. You cant lock the screen with a shortcut key in Windows 7 (not out of the box anyway).